Alexander Ludwig Shares How He’s Getting In Shape For The Malibu Triathlon + Dishes On The Fifth Season Of Vikings

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On September 16, Alexander Ludwig will be part of an elite group of stars competing in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon to benefit and bring awareness to the Pediatric Cancer Research Program at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He can handle it, though: After all, Ludwig is a Viking (or plays on on TV, at least).

The 32nd annual event, presented by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, consists of a classic distance race that is made up of a half-mile Pacific Ocean swim, 17-mile bike ride and a 4-mile run through scenic Malibu, California. at the iconic Zuma Beach. We chatted to the 26-year-old actor about how he’s prepping for the triathlon, the craziest physical thing he’s ever done and what’s in store for season 5 of his hit History Channel series.

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What’s your typical day-to-day work out look like?

I like to alternate between swimming 60 lengths in a 25m pool one day, a 5-mile run the next day and then follow that up with a day of lifting and ab/core work. This combo keeps me lean and fits into my schedule even when I’m in the middle of shooting.

How did that change while preparing for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon?

Since I signed up for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon, I’ve been doing a lot more swimming in the mornings – both in the pool and in the ocean. I’m doing the relay, so being a strong swimmer is going to be key.

Has health and wellness always been a major part of your life? Why or why not?

I have always been drawn to the more holistic approach to fitness. Keep my health, wellness and fitness all in balance is something I enjoy through what I eat and how I work out. As much as I enjoy going to the gym, I also like to keep myself grounded with daily meditation. Having that balance is like my church – keeps my head on straight.

What’s a fitness secret you can share?

The key isn’t working out “hard” as much as it is making sure that you eat well and maintain a workout routine that you can stick with over a long period of time. Listen to your body and the things that make you feel good just as much as the things that don’t. I stay away from wheat because I noticed that I always feel terrible hours after I eat it. It’s also important to leave room for yourself to enjoy the little things and cheat every once in a while.




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What’s the most physically crazy thing you’ve ever done?

Most recently, I climbed this pretty big cliff face called Stawamus Chief, which is 702m above Squamish near Vancouver (where I am from). It was a 2,000-foot vertical, multi-pitch climb. It was pretty challenging, which made reaching the top even more rewarding. Totally recommend it to anyone with a fear of heights.

Will there be a major time jump in season 5 of Vikings?

Season 5 is one of my favorite seasons so far. I don’t remember there being a major time jump, but there will be plenty of surprises – I’ll tell you that much.

What can fans expect from Bjorn in season 5 and potentially season 6?

Mayhem. Fans can expect total mayhem. That and Bjorn really has his work cut out for him this season. It’s madness. I’m really excited to see how fans react to what’s ahead.