Step Into The Illustrious World Of Playboy At Playboy Club New York

Playboy Bar 2 (Credit - Steven Gomillion)Photo Credit: Steven Gomillion

Playboy Enterprises and Merchants Hospitality have just announced the opening of Playboy Club New York in midtown Manhattan, Playboy’s North American flagship location. 

Embodying the sophisticated life made famous by one of America’s most iconic brands, Playboy Club New York will look to celebrate all things provocative, playful, and of course, exclusive. Located steps north of Hudson Yards, and designed by Cenk Fikri, Playboy Club New York will offer four distinct environments that reveal exciting one-of-a-kind experiences as guests access the passages within.

“Having the Playboy Club return to New York City, in partnership with Merchants Hospitality as best-in-class operators, is another great opportunity for people to experience the sophistication and playful side of our brand,” said Ben Kohn, CEO of Playboy Enterprises.  “The environment we create at Playboy Club New York, our other Playboy Clubs and events, along with our media content and global consumer products business continue to expand the world-wide touchpoints of our brand.”

Playboy Bar 4 (Credit - Steven Gomillion)Photo Credit: Steven Gomillion

Playboy Club New York will serve as a luxuriant cocktail and culinary destination for after-work drinks, dinner, and late-night entertaining that caters to a new generation of guests who appreciate a refined culinary experience and highly curated and sophisticated nightlife.

“Our guest experience will set a new benchmark and resonate with our discerning members and guests” says the Playboy Club’s Creative Director and legendary ‘Master of Ceremonies,’ Richie Notar, of Nobu fame. “From the moment our guests arrive, they will experience an unprecedented level of service, environment, food and exclusivity.” 

Guests are invited through an ornate entrance leading them into the Playboy Gallery, passing walls adorned with never-before-seen Playboy images, before stepping into the Playboy Bar. Serving as the room’s main attraction, a large opulent oval bar is set around an array of spirits, and glows under a collection of artwork from the Playboy archives that spans more than 65 years. A gold, embroidered wall directs eyes towards an elaborate DJ booth, surrounded by multiple lounge tables furnished with plush sofas and velvet seating. 

The Mansion Lounge 2 (Credit - Steven Gomillion)Photo Credit: Steven Gomillion

From there, guests will pass a glass champagne display case before venturing further into the club to discover the Playboy Lounge, inspired by the heritage of the Playboy Mansion. Nothing here is minimal, with four distinct lounges, aptly named the Mansion Lounge, Grotto Lounge, Bunny Lounge and Royal Salute Lounge, that all harken back to the celebrated Mansion’s quintessential design elements.

At the center of the Playboy Club experience, the beloved Playboy Bunnies are dressed in their iconic costume and outfitted with accessories designed by Roberto Cavalli. Famed Playboy events previously held at the Playboy Mansion, such as Playboy’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, and other iconic Playboy Events will now take place at Playboy Club New York. Other special occasions planned for the club include Playboy’s Masquerade Night as well as Oscar, Grammy and Super Bowl celebrations. 

“We are excited to enter the new era of the Playboy brand and introduce the new Playboy Club to New York City and the rest of the world,” says Merchants Hospitality’s Abraham Merchant. “We have created an electric and epic atmosphere at the Playboy Club. From the music to the luxurious interior, the design to the savory menu, it will be an experience our guests will never forget.”

A limited number of privileged guests will be able to continue deeper into the Playboy Black Box, by following the bottom lit marble runway, into a vast space that will host the iconic Playboy-themed events. 

Playboy Lounge (Credit - Steven Gomillion) (1)Photo Credit: Steven Gomillion

Hidden to all, save those who know where to look, is the Rabbit Hole, a highly exclusive speakeasy lounge, accessible only to select VIP Playboy Club Members. A secret leather-tufted door slides open to a hidden walkway surrounded by alternating walls of pearl-covered gold and black beveled glass, leading to three subterranean levels that provide the ideal backdrop for the ultimate elite entertaining and imbibing. Throughout the three levels, guests will find multiple secluded tables to enjoy a night in the extravagant and playful world of Playboy.

Playboy Club New York’s epicurean offering was created by Nobu Veteran Richie Notar. Notar has developed a menu with “gastronomic attitude” for the Playboy Club with carefully curated dishes that use the absolute best ingredients possible and apply crafted skills to mirror the luxurious and exclusive nature of Playboy Club New York. 

The Playboy Club also features a sushi menu created by Tabitha Yeh, Playboy Club’s Executive Chef. Yeh is considered a new rising star in the Chef’s world with recent openings in San Francisco and Shanghai. 

Seasoned Mixologist Fred Dex is leading the beverage program at the Playboy Club. Dex is one of only 236 master sommeliers in the world as well as one of the United States’ leading wine, cocktail and beverage consultants and education experts. With a career that spans two decades, Dex has spearheaded the Mixology programs for BLT Restaurant Group, Tao Group, Motorino Pizzeria, Max Brenner Chocolate, The Grand Hyatt NYC, and many more.

Location: 512 West 42nd Street between Tenth and Eleventh Avenue

Hours: The club is open daily from 5:00 P.M. – 4:00 A.M.