CEO And Founder Of Shadowbox, Daniel Glazer, Shares Plans To Expand Nationally

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Like many New Yorkers, Daniel Glazer looked to exercise as a way to combat the stressful and intense New York City work environment. After seeing what an impact boxing made on his lifestyle, Glazer soon founded and created his own boutique wellness boxing studio, Shadowbox. His main goal was to create a space that empowered guests to achieve maximum mental health benefits while also serving as a break from their exhausting day.

Recently, Glazer announced that the Shadowbox brand will be expanding it’s boxing studios from NYC to TriBeca, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Its pre-existing studios in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and the Flatiron District have laid the fundamental groundwork for this next move after gaining a powerful and loyal fanbase.

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Daniel Glazer

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Shadowbox

The new studios will be specially designed to reflect and express each city’s aesthetic beauty and vibe. The upcoming locations will also include state-of-the-art sound systems and individual 150-pound heavy bags.

We spoke with CEO and founder Daniel Glazer about his inspirations, goals for members, expanding Shadowbox, and more.

What inspired you to create such an empowering boxing studio?

Boxing started as a personal journey to relieve the stresses of the NYC grind, specifically the pressure of working on a trading floor. Boxing offers such a unique outlet and once I began experiencing the mental benefits, I soon felt the need to share them with many others who were just like me– run down, stressed out, and in need of an escape. I dedicated myself to creating an experience that was approachable and elicited an emotional response without endangering the authenticity of boxing.

What makes your studio stand apart from other boxing studios in NYC?

Shadowbox stands out in its commitment to inclusivity. We bring the benefits of boxing to everybody, from first-timers to power users. Shadowbox is also dedicated to authenticity. Our professionally trained instructors lead high-energy, head-to-toe workouts that empower clients, while staying true to boxing’s technical foundations. Shadowbox is also unique in that we offer a meditative experience and focus on overall wellness: physical and mental.

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What is the ultimate goal you would like your members to achieve at Shadowbox?

As a wellness boxing studio, our simple goal is for clients to set, and meet, their own standards of physical and mental health. These standards are different for everyone, but we are confident our cathartic workouts can help every Shadowboxer improve their wellbeing.

What advice would you offer to new boxers?

First off, I applaud any first-time boxer for being open to trying something new and taking ownership of their physical and mental health. I’d advise them to keep an open mind as they adjust to the workout. With anything, it gets easier with focused and dedicated practice, and the payoff is well worth it!

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How will the new studios express each city’s aesthetic? 

We’ve spent more than a year studying locations throughout the U.S. to determine the best cities for Shadowbox’s culture and brand values, and during this study I also put a lot of time and thought into how to tailor each new studio to that specific city so that they each have a unique feel to them. This ranges from the art on the walls, to the lighting, to the products used in the bathrooms. Each location is programmed to the neighborhoods habits, with everything from shorter duration “Lunchbox” classes, to special events with guest speakers and local brands showcasing their products.

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Will there be new classes offered at the upcoming locations? 

We are always letting our instructors experiment with new concepts to keep clients on their toes. Boxing is such a rich technique series of movements, it can always be iterated upon. We’re just scratching the surface in this regard.

Do you plan to expand Shadowbox to the western parts of the US?

We actually just announced our expansion to Los Angeles and hope to continue bringing our unique workout to cities throughout the U.S. We have our eye on a host of other west coast cities as the demand for wellness is engrained in the psyche.

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