The Most Powerful Cars At The Geneva Motor Show

The Swiss idea of celebration has just opened its doors and you can view the metal in flesh of more than 700 manufacturers at PalExpo in Geneva. This is the most important annual car exhibition in Europe and here is a glimpse of what has captured our attention during our haute visit.


Ferrari has unveiled their most potent V8 powered model and it eats forced air through a pair of turbos. The 488 Pista develops 720 hp and should be fast enough to bring the bread home from a bakery while still hot. In numbers this translates to a maximum speed of 211 mph while hurrying to 124 mph in 7,6 seconds. Needless to say the 458 Speciale successor lost 90 kilograms of weight over its standard version. Look for the black & white bonnet stripe on the streets as this will be one rare encounter.


Lamborghini has shown us a roofless version of their Performante edition Huracan, called the Spyder. A well-known V10 pumps out very venomous 640 hp and did we mention we love it in the exact matte blue as unveiled? Four wheel drive should serve for some breathtaking sprints in the legendary launch mode.


Electric muscle has come forward in the form of Rimac C_Two which totals 1914 hp and sub two second acceleration times to 60 mph. When driven with less enthusiasm, it has a reach of 400 miles. Only 150 will be made and getting in line now will guarantee you a visit to their Croatian headquarters as well.


Bugatti came forward with their understanding of sporty manners, naming their creation the Chiron Sport. Efforts were directed in handling, thus the weight reduction (yes- carbon wipers) and firmer ride. There is still time to see all of these in person until the March 18, 2018

All photos courtesy of Ziga Colja