Celebrity Trainer Bizzie Gold’s 5 Tips For Transforming Your Life & Your Body

Bizzie-GoldCelebrity trainer Bizzie Gold is known for her signature Buti Yoga method. Loved by celebrities like Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt, the group workout program merges power yoga with tribal dance to create long, lean muscles.

Gold, however, believes that living your best life goes beyond just getting your body in tip-top shape. Mental strength is also required, which is why she’s also the mastermind behind the mental and emotional transformational program called BREAK Method.

Next week, the trainer-to-the-stars will be in town with her team of master trainers to host a B MVMNT Buti Yoga pop-up  in West Hollywood and you’re invited. Swing by March 20-22 to get your sweat on and in the meantime, check out her top five tips for transforming your body and your mindset.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Dirty

Kick off your stilettos and don’t be afraid to get dirty. We have so much to gain from being connected with the natural grounding we receive from walking barefoot. The foot is also riddled with important acupressure points that help stimulate your body to come into balance. Next time you feel stressed, kick off your shoes and find a safe place to walk around on a natural surface and breathe deep.

Throw Your Compression Pants Out

Throw your compression pants out with your spring closet cleaning. I get it. You don’t feel comfortable in your skin so you want to hide it all underneath some compression fabric but most of us end up feeling worse about the way our skin is pressing up on the waistband (muffin top anyone?). You have so much to gain by finding freedom in your body and I’m certain it’s not going to happen with pants pulled up to your chin.

Look In The Mirror When You Work Out

Face yourself in the mirror when you work out. It’s not about vanity. It’s about looking your toughest critic square in the eyes and finding love and support for that person. In the practice of Buti Yoga, we believe that physical transformation occurs only when you start to physiologically feel something shift on the inside–a headache is gone, your energy level is up. Then you begin to change the way you think reinforcing your new lifestyle choices and arrive at the look you desire. Next time, lock eyes with yourself and start to fall in love with yourself right now perceived flaws and all because only then will you love yourself enough to make the changes to transform in a sustainable way.

Ease Anxiety By Setting Goals

In Break Method, we remind students that the number one cause of anxiety is lack of direction or goal. I also understand that it’s hard to set goals when you are dealing with intense anxiety. Anxiety is triggered when trying to avoid a stimulus, maybe one that induces fear or sadness. Even if the goals have to start off small, it’s imperative to unwind anxiety. To reinforce and build confidence to get through anxiety, we have to set and follow through on goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure by choosing unreasonable goals but don’t skimp and choose things that belong on your daily agenda of adulting either.

Don’t Get Caught In Your Story

We all experience pain and sharing the story of that pain can be cathartic but don’t get trapped in it. Don’t spend time finding people to co-sign your story of wounding. Spend the time healing the emotional wound so that you start building the life you want instead of being a victim of your life.