MEGU: From Nightlife To High Life



Everyone wants to be invited to the cool party—the one that was always hosted at the popular kid’s house and had the best drinks and food and where all the best Monday morning stories originated. Dining at MEGU, the Meatpacking nightlife hotspot from Jon Bakhshi, evoke those same emotions on an upscale level. From start to finish, a night at MEGU feels more like a wild roller coaster ride of high living with New York’s in crowd, and Bakhshi ensures it will surely be the first story told around Monday’s water cooler.

The evening starts by descending down the entrance’s red stairwell that looks like a red carpet sloped downward. While the room below is dimly lit, reminiscent of all the best parties, the restaurant and event rooms feature bold bursts of color coming either from the art all around or from the pops of color coming from the food being brought out—delectable delights perfect to pop into either one’s mouth or onto one’s Instagram feed.


MEGU features a wide range of Asian dishes for guests, with several of the bright, eye-catching options being branded with their signature MEGU logo. Their staple sushi entrees, bright dumplings, and beautifully seared fish are each the perfect blend of deliciously filling while not inducing a food coma, since coming to MEGU means a night out on the town. The space’s events have become a constant draw for celebrities, with Jamie Foxx and Eva Longoria returning to the restaurant recently.

“The sophistication, where quality of food and ambiance are a perfect match,” says Bakhshi.

Cocktails at the restaurant and venue are another real showstopper. From cocktails served “up” like The Megu Blessing, a strawberry infused vodka cocktail, to the tequila centered Buddha’s Delight on the rocks, the cocktail program is ready to fill the needs of any drinker’s palate.

According to Bakhshi, “The MEGU blessing always a favorite it does very well at all locations. I think we have the best miso cod in the biz.””

For anyone looking to see the bet of New York nightlife, MEGU is one of the ultimate locations. Bakhshi is spreading the word on MEGU, looking to expand the empire to cities across the country. With the success the restaurant has found in New York, it comes as no surprise that the only answer was to expand. For one of the best clienteles of locals looking to go out, celebrities looking to let loose, and travelers looking to see the real New York scene, MEGU is the place to have it all.