TATEL Brings an Authentic Taste of Madrid to Miami

TATEL Miami (Photo credit - Cyn Lagos)1Photo Credit: Cyn Lagos

The long-awaited TATEL restaurant has finally graced the Miami scene, backed by the Spaniard power squad Enrique Iglesias, Rafael Nadal and Pau Gasol. The Madrid hotspot has dubbed Miami as its second—and first U.S.—location that just debuted, right in time for the Miami Open at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach.

TATEL Miami_Rafa Enrique (Photo credit - AlanSibfen)Photo Credit: Alan Silfen

The stunning interior of the restaurant pays homage to the Roaring 20’s, decorated with elegant touches like black terrazzo floors with mother-of-pearl details, copper finishes on the DJ Booth, and the most pinnacle element of design: a breathtaking sculptural metal chandelier composed of more than 1,000 bronze tubes and illuminated by LED lights that rests above the circular bar area, grabbing the attention of guests as they walk into the restaurant. The walls are lined with elaborate murals and contemporary interpretations of Spanish-inspired art, which were all curated by the famed STUDIO GRONDA, adding a pop of color to the classically decorated interior of the restaurant.

TATEL Miami (Photo credit - World Rey Eye)
Fresh Cured Ibérico Jamón

Photo Credit: World Red Eye

TATEL boasts a menu that is as authentic as it gets—from its fresh Cured Ibérico Jamón, to the rich Tortilla Trufada, the garlic-infused Avocado with Caribineros, Calamari Andalusian Style, and of course the signature Veal Milanese TATEL—which is served table-side as the waiter delicately fries an egg on top and sprinkles a hefty portion of fresh truffles over—each plate will take you on an exciting, flavorful culinary journey to Madrid.

TATEL Miami_Huevos rotos con patata gallega y jamón Joselito (Photo credit - TATEL)
Huevos rotos con patata gallega y jamón Joselito

Photo Credit: TATEL

The cocktail menu is also noteworthy, with the traditional Spanish Verano Del TATEL as a best-seller, along with a extraordinarily fresh and smooth Lychee Martini, as well as an extensive wine list. We recommend trying the Muga white wine, which comes from a vineyard also owned by the owners of TATEL.

TATEL Miami_Interior (Photo credit - Sam Uribe)
TATEL Miami_Interior

Photo Credit: Sam Uribe

With an all-star team of owners, a classically elegant atmosphere and food that lives up to its highly acclaimed reputation, TATEL has undoubtedly become one of Miami’s hottest restaurants—not many places can boast a fully-packed restaurant on a Monday night, but this place certainly does. If you’re a little behind on your Spanish culture, here’s a hint: in typical Spanish fashion, the later you go, the more popular the restaurant is. Tables start filling up around 10 p.m. and continue to do so for the rest of the night. If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to catch a sighting of Iglesias or Nadal, who have been frequenting the spot since its opening.