Want a fuller beard? Consider a hair transplant!

Before and After: Hair Restoration
Before and After: Facial Hair Transplantation


It’s winter and although the weather may not be as cool in South Florida as it is in other parts of the country just the right amount of facial hair may provide you with the warmth you need this time of year. For some men, growing a full beard is not possible. Some men may have patchy beard growth or may not be able to grow a full mustache. Pick up any fashion magazine (or travel to Brooklyn) and you see that the trend is for men sporting facial hair.

With the advances in hair transplantation, more and more men are seeking to have facial hair transplantation. In fact, hair transplantation to areas other than the scalp is the fastest growing component of my hair restoration practice. Facial hair transplantation can provide you with a fuller beard and mustache. Performed using the most advanced techniques in hair transplantation, facial hair transplantation uses the hair from the back and sides of the scalp to fill in areas of missing facial hair. Nearly all patients are having this performed with the latest FUE transplantation procedure, avoiding a linear scar in the scalp and allowing for them to maintain very short haircuts.

Facial hair transplantation is performed by only the most experienced hair restoration surgeons and clinics as meticulous care and artistry is paramount to attaining the most natural-appearing results. The transplanted hair needs to be placed in the same direction and angle as normal facial hair to provide the best results. The transplanted hairs grow just like the surrounding facial hair so the results are very natural appearing. So if you ever desired to sport a goatee or a look like Matt Patricia (the defensive coordinator for the New England Patriots) but the beard that was passed down to you from dad is not enough…don’t despair, you may be a candidate for a beard hair transplantation.

Facial Hair Restoration Effective Techniques for Beard and Eyebrow Restoration

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