“Paint Your Palate” In NYC With Neuman’s Kitchen

Our favorite catering company, Neuman’s Kitchen holds an artistic and culinary event called “Paint Your Palate.” The concept of this tasty happening is about much more than just making beautiful food, it’s a conversation piece that plays with all aspects of one’s artistic creativity. Fine dining meets art school in Paint Your Palate’s delightful studio space. For a fun first date or a deliciously entertaining weekend activity, this haute affair is a must.

The Neuman’s Kitchen family created their “Paint Your Palate” station to celebrate the intersection of art and food – the cornerstone of their Deliciously Inspired promise. In hopes of finding an interactive way to engage with their clients, co-workers and friends they created this interactive event, allowing guests to take culinary matters into their own hands – literally.  Under the guidance of a NK chef, guests have the opportunity to channel their inner Picasso by plating innovative ingredients like beet miso puree and our 72-hour beef short rib.

Previously  held at pop-up galleries and client events, this savory happening can be the highlight of your next event, or an ice breaker activity for your annual company gathering. Guests put their creative skills to the test while experimenting with fun flavor combinations and market produce. In a city full of wonderful art and high-end cuisine, “Paint Your Palate” is the ultimate form of self-expression.

pyp 10
Photo by Shari Silk

“This experience allows you to be the guest chef, go outside your comfort zone and imagine new flavor profiles while exploring exciting ingredients.” – Executive Chef, Robb Garceau

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Photo by Shari Silk

“Often times in the kitchen, the food can border on being too precious, too artistic, but this experience is about pushing that over the edge. Taking a plate of food and removing the practicality and replacing it with the childhood love of drawing outside the lines.” – Executive Sous Chef, Adam Starowicz

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Photo by Shari Silk

“This concept brings together our love of art and love of food. We love seeing how people take the same components and come up with unbelievably diverse visual and delicious responses.”  – Paul Neuman, CEO

Photo by Shari Silk
Photo by Shari Silk

Get creative and savor the moment with Neuman’s Kitchen at “Paint Your Palete”.