Haute Secrets: Mohammed Ne’emah On The Best That Dubai Has To Offer

Mohammed Ne’emah

Mohammed Ne’emah, CEO and creator of Ne’emah Fragrances, is a man most talented, driven and worldly.

Born into a family where the tradition of the Orient and the art of perfumery have been passed down from generation to generation, Ne’emah was blessed with an extraordinary sense of smell and a healthy dose of ambition. The combination of these traits has resulted in the rise of Ne’emah Fragrances to become the best-selling fragrance that is exclusive to Sephora.

Hailing from the Middle East, Mohammed Ne’emah is Kuwaiti by origin, but considers himself a citizen of the world. He embraces all religions and cultures and has made the planet his home. His attention to every detail is abundant in each of the over 40 unique fragrances that are stocked in various countries around the world, including the entire Asia Pacific region and Europe.

He has a certain taste for simplicity and timeless understated elegance and adores black and white with a touch of gold, which is evident from his many fragrances.

Fearless and creative, with a taste for adventure, Mohammed considers the sky the only limit that applies to him. He notes that he is endlessly inspired by countless sources in the world, from the places that he likes to explore and the many individuals he meets. To him, every place has his own scent, and every single person, his olfactory character. He believes that smelling stretches the mind and enables to travel in space and time. Mohammed’s inspiration, passion and skills are so broad that he also creates made-to-measure perfumes for the most demanding clientele.

What accolades does a man most-lauded have for his favorite spots across Dubai and the UAE? Read on to find out in this exclusive interview.

Mohammed Ne’emahPhoto Credit: Ne’emah Fragrances

1. Where were you born? Kuwait

2. How long have you been in the Middle East? 16 years

3. Neighborhood: Mirdif

4. Occupation: Founder and General Manager, Ne’emah Fragrances

5. Favorite Restaurant: Bussola, The Westin

6. Favorite perfume notes: Anything Oriental; Oud, Agarwood, Musk

7. Favorite Designer: Berluti

8. Best place to shop: The Dubai Mall

9. Best place for a romantic date: Asado, The Palace Downtown

10. Best Sunday Brunch: Al Qasr Hotel

11. Best place for a power business meeting: Intersect by Lexus

12. If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend? Manzil Downtown

13. Favorite shopping venue/boutique: Boutique 1

14. Best Spa: Talise Spa, Madinat Jumeirah

15. Favorite Cultural Event: Dubai International Film Festival

16. Favorite Cultural Institution: Guggenheim

17. Best Gym/Athletic Facility: Flywheel

18. Describe your city in three words: Dynamic, Bustling, Cosmopolitan

19. Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore: Bastakiya

20. All-around favorite spot in Dubai: Home sweet home

21. Best Aspect of AD/UAE/Dubai/Middle East: It’s has such a young, multicultural environment with enormous opportunities to offer.