11 NYC Cocktails That Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Drink and be merry this winter with the city’s most inventive seasonal cocktails! From classic holiday mixes to elaborate spiced brews, these drinks are sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

Venue: The Rickey, NYC’s new craft cocktail bar. This intimate and luxurious lounge decorated in a golden Elizabethan motif boasts one of the best cocktail menus in the city. With well-known head mixologist Johnny Swet behind the bar, you will never get enough of The Rickey‘s delicious creations. 
Pomegranate RickeyDrink of Choice: Pomegranate Rickey  Tito’s Vodka, Pamma Liquor, Ginger Beer, Lime, Pomegranate Seed Ice. A fruity take on the classic Rickey, this drink is artfully decorated with a colorful pomegranate ice-cube, making this cocktail a piece of tasteful art, and a refreshing choice for the evening. 

Johnny’s Favorite: Walnut Sazerac – George Dickel Rye, Nocello Walnut Liquor, Absinthe, Peychud’s Bitters, Lemon Twist. While its undertones are rich with spices and its texture somewhat creamy, this drink is surprisingly light. The unusual blend of walnut liquor, absinthe and lemon will give your tastebuds the holiday flavor they’ve been waiting for. In Johnny’s words, “a sip of this and the warmth of a fireplace is all I need.”

Venue: American Cut, Tribeca’s number one steakhouse now with the season’s tastiest cocktails.american cutDrink of Choice: The Islander – Michter’s Rye, Angostura Bitters, Lucano Amaro, Almond Syrup. Bittersweet with the taste of the season, this almond-infused cocktail is ideal for a cozy night-in on a snowy day.

Steakhouse Special: Bacon Apple Boom – maple bacon infused hangar, green apple, tarragon, lemon. Unusual yet incredibly appealing, this drink will make you rethink your classic cocktail ingredients and give you a perfect excuse to drink bacon with your meal.

Venue: The Ribbonstyled in 1920’s décor, this upscale restaurant/bar started by Eric and Bruce Bromberg is as Upper-West-Side as it gets. The first of its kind in SoHo, The Ribbon offers authentic fine dining as well as a glorious array of specialty cocktails, because you can have it all!The Ribbon_Bar Bottles_Credit David Barowsky (resized)Drink of Choice: West Side Stormy – El Dorado rum 8yr, house made ginger beer, cucumber and lime juice. A refreshing and almost-healthy choice!

House Special: Barrel Aged Boulevardier  Old Forrester Bourbon, Campari and sweet vermouth. Sweet yet dry and strong yet smooth, this perfectly balanced drink is the taste of Christmas, lucky for you, it is available all year round! 

Venue: Delicatessen, the epitomy of SoHo dining, this homy neighborhood bar serves what can be describes as high-end comfort food, and artful cocktails with a friendly vibe.hottoddyDrink of Choice: Prince Street Cider  Montecristo Rum, apple cider, Domaine Canton and simple syrup with a cinnamon and lemon garnish. The ultimate fall/winter drink is here and it’s wonderful.

To Keep You Cozy: Hot Toddy – Jack Daniels, honey, lemon, cloves and hot water. A classic feel-good winter drink that is basically tea – but with liquor. 

Venue: SixtyFive, this sophisticated lounge at the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline is a classic New York spot with a distinct and contemporary twist.sixty fiveDrink of Choice: Town Car – Calvados du Pays d’Auge, lemon juice and cinnamon syrup. An adaptation on the original Side Car, this seasonal drink tastes like a warm apple pie, making it a perfect ending to your holiday meal. 

On The Sweet Side: The Chocolate Factory – Absolut Elyx, housemade chocolate syrup, Tempus Fugit Crème de Menthe and cream. This chocolate mint martini is every chocolate-lover’s dream. A drink, a dessert and a breath mint, this cocktail has everything you need on a cold winter’s day.

Venue: Cienfuegos, the Cuban-inspired restaurant and bar tucked in an upstairs space in East Village revels in the Caribbean culture and, of course, rum.


Drink of Choice: Ruby Spice Glogg – red wine, Jamaican rum, cognac, curaçao, Teavana Ruby Spice Cider Tea, Teavana-made syrup, lemon juice. For those who love to cozy up to a cup of mulled wine during the holidays, this hot cocktail is a spiced up version of the traditional holiday drink.