5 NYC Spots For A Successful Business Lunch

It’s time to get down to business. And what better way to have a meeting of the minds than over lunch? Whether you’re looking to schmooze a client or have a quiet environment to exchange ideas, it can be hard to choose the right place. Here are five haute options to impress your guest at a New York City lunch.



If the way to your client’s wallet is through their stomach take them to Piora. The simple décor and intricate plates leave the stomach happy and mind clear for a free-flowing discussion. Piora was recently awarded a Michelin-star, so you can rest assured that your client will be impressed by your taste in food. Which makes them far more likely to trust your taste in general. It’s a win-win.

ABC Kitchen 


If you’re guest gets impressed by a trendy crowd, you’re best bet is ABC Kitchen. The tables are seated with star-studded casts at this delicious and detailed dining situation. The urban chic décor and ‘no photos’ policy makes it the perfect place for important people. Not to mention their impressive menu with eats like house-made ricotta ravioli and akaushi cheeseburgers. The scene will set everything into place for a haute deal.

Bryant Park Grill


In business many appreciate consistency and history. For those reasons and many others, the Bryant Park Grill is a clear choice for a valuable business lunch. While it is frequented by many business folk in the bustling midtown area, and may not be a unique selection, it is popular for a reason. The setting is stunning and the service appears seamless. It lends the perfect atmosphere for you and your client to spend hours here. After all, no good deal is done on an empty stomach.

21 Club


The 21 Club is a sure spot to seal a deal. The former 1930s speakeasy will show your client that you have a deeper knowledge and taste for your city. This restaurant attracts so many A-listers that they actually have a map of where celebrity regulars are seated. And when we say celebrity, we mean the likes of Rod Stewart and Woopie Goldberg. The exclusive and entertaining 21 Club is provides a place for the perfect amount of distraction and discussion.



Something familiar is sometimes the safest bet for an indecisive client. Cipriani is a world-famous staple that is sure to have something for any kind of meeting. Whether your guest is boozy, bougie or boring you can facilitate them at Cipriani. Their popularity and international recognition is no coincidence. Their classic Italian eats and environment create a truly special and vibrant atmosphere. One that perhaps, can help you close a deal.