How to Experience the Hautest Shave Ever

Series 9

Flaunted as the most efficient and comfortable shaver ever, Braun’s all new Series 9 is a must-have fellas.

This sleek device has been tested, and proven, on three-day beards and promises to remove hair in the first stroke compared to the average shavers and trimmers. The Series 9 moves swiftly through hairs that the device does not give the skin a chance to become irritated.

What’s the secret behind such precision? The intelligent SyncroSonic technology delivers 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute for a clean, detailed shave. The “Hyper Lift and Cut” trimmer lifts and cuts flat-laying hairs in the neck and chin area. The “Direct and Cut” trimmer seizes hairs growing in opposite directions. The “OptiFoil” is responsible for the closeness of the cut, while Braun’s intelligent Sonic Technology with 10,000 micro vibrations per minute reads your face. Like a desktop reading a new program, the Series 9 reads the contour of the skin and adapts to an individual’s face. All four elements work together to provide optimum comfort combined with the highest Braun quality.

The LED display keeps the user informed of battery status as well as the performance of the device.

Series 9 Clean & Charge Station
Series 9 Clean & Charge Station

In addition, the Series 9 comes with a five-action “Clean and Charge” Station. The uber-cool cleaning station uses an alcohol-based cleaning fluid and promises to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria during every cleaning process.

As stated on the site, “Tests have shown that using the “Clean and Charge” Station is 10 times more hygienic than simply rinsing the shaver under tap water. Consumer testing with more than 150 consumers confirmed a noticeably closer shave and more than 110 consumers noted a better skin comfort after regular usage of the Clean and Charge Station.”

The company advises replacing all cutter parts every 18 months to get the most of your shave. The German brand ensures your Series 9 will last at least seven years.

All studies were conducted in Germany.

Check out how the plush shaver works below.

(Photos via Braun