Luxe Piano Manufacturer Steinway & Sons Shows off Steinway Spirio in SF

Luxury piano manufacturer Steinway & Sons, founded in New York in 1853, is celebrating the launch of the Steinway Spirio, the world’s “finest player piano system.” Commemorating the product release, Steinway held a private party at One Kearny Club in San Francisco. Hosted by technology investment rep Shannon Bavaro and businessman/philanthropist Petter Getty, a slew of San Francisco’s most notable cultural, social, philanthropic, and business leaders attended the event along with Steinway CEO Michael T. Sweeney, CMO Darren Marshall, and California GM Gavin English.

Steinway and Sons CEO Michael T. Sweeney

The crowd was treated to an exclusive performance by modern classical composition group Anderson & Roe using, of course, the Steinway Spirio. The crowd was able to hear the full range of majestic capabilities of the Spirio through two lush “dance” compositions performed by Anderson & Roe; one tango dance number and one sabre dance number.

Steinway Spirio
Steinway Spirio

Some of the high-profile guests in attendance at the exclusive event last night included: singer songwriter Liz Phair, philanthropist Joy Bianchi, Paula Carano, Susan Dunlevy, realtor Justin Fichelson, Edmiston‘s Vice President Daru Kawalkowski, Roberta Sherman, publisher and philanthropist Elizabeth Thierot, Beth Alexander Townsend, Katerina Barilov, CEO Orkut Boyukkoten and boyfriend Derek Holbrook, filmmaker of Mythbusters fame Tory Belleci, Karen and Oliver Caldwell of Oliver Caldwell Cellars, Lian and
Randy Reddig, ZOZI co-founder Daniel Gruneberg, and pianist Matthew Kimball.

The Steinway Spirio is available exclusively on select Steinways grand pianos. A truly excellent example of engineering, the Spirio provides unbeatable musical experience and renders the most accurate reproductions of live performances ever achieved on a Steinway piano. Steinway pianos are manufactured in factories in Astoria, Queens and Hamburg, Germany and primarily crafted by hand using the same expert techniques revolutionized over 160 years ago. You can see the Spirio in action in the video below: