Haute Watch of the Week: Cartier Les Heures Fabuleux Pocket Watch

The 41-piece Cartier Les Heures Fabuleuses collection is a virtuoso display of jeweled watchmaking that reaffirms the company’s position as master of the high jewelry watch, even while it asserts itself as a manufacture (the brand launched five new calibers this year). The star of Les Heures Fabuleuses is the Pocket Watch, one of 23 unique pieces in the collection.

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Like many of the watches in Les Heures Fabuleuses, the pocket watch is convertible: it is a watch with a detachable chain in the form of a diamond riviera-style necklace, the clasp of which is set with a single large rose-cut diamond. The cover is designed as an elephant, set with round brilliant diamonds of various sizes. It is hinged to life up to display the time on the dial, the perimeter is set with spectacular brown diamonds that are beaded. The movement is quartz.


The Elephant Pocket Watch is not just for a woman, but for any man with an appreciation for all things decorative and the craftsmanship that goes along with it, as well as an eye for a valuable collector’s item.

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Photos courtesy Cartier.