Magnolia Bakery Offers the Marble Cheesecake Brownie for September

Sept dessert of the month

Magnolia Bakery’s offer for the month of September is a decadent and rich Marble Cheesecake Brownie. At once smooth, delicious and bursting with chocolate fudge, this is the sweet for any brownie addict and it is topped with a tangy cream cheese swirl.

This sweet is available throughout September at Magnolia Bakery in Bloomingdale’s Home – Dubai, The Dubai Mall and at The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi.

Magnolia Bakery delivers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the item above can be pre-ordered.

Magnolia Bakery, Bloomingdale’s Dubai. Tel. -971 43505440. Magnolia Bakery at The Galleria on Al Maryah Island. Tel. +971 26749380.