Paul Allen's 413-Foot Octopus Arrives on the Thames for London Olympics

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s 413-foot superyacht Octopus has arrived on the Thames for the 2012 Summer Olympics, and London took notice.

Allen’s Octopus is the largest expedition yacht in the world, and it arrived to Canary Wharf’s West India Quay Friday in front of an audience of hundreds that watched as it manuvered its way past the Dome.

Octopus houses 41 suites and takes a crew of 60 to operate. As if it didn’t have enough toys and amenities, hatches at the aft of the ship open up to reveal a bar area and full-service spa. This is also a way to access the ocean to swim or ride jetskis. Octopus features a basketball court, nightclub, swimming pool, recording studio and cinema. Two helipads and two submarines bring this haute yacht to the peak of luxury.