Largest Yacht Ever Built In Australia, 252-foot Smeralda, Could Sell For Up To $100 Million

The owner and builder of the mammoth 252-foot superyacht announced that he’s putting his pride of the sea up for sale. German eco-industrialist Guido Krass owns the Henderson-based Hanseatic Marine that built the yacht that is already predicted to sell for $100 million.

Smeralda, the largest-ever superyacht built in Australia, was launched into the water at Henderson at the Australian Marine Complex. It took more than two years and 550,000 man hours to build, and Hanseatic claims Smeralda is the world’s longest aluminum motor yacht and the most expensive export product to come out of Australia. It’s the third superyacht produced for Krass, who has made it a habit to keep the vessels for a year before selling them.

It’ll be a hard feat for on-board guests to become bored with outdoor entertaining decks, glass jacuzzi, outdoor cinema, night club and day spa. But, if they do, there’s even a helicopter pad and smaller boats to help them escape the dullness of the open sea.

Also, a similar boat 75-meter yacht named Proteskan is currently listed for sale on the Burgess Web site for $71.5 million.

Source: Perthnow