Haute Time: Cacheux Pays Homage to Precious Stones With New Collection

Watch companies are known for sticking to a carry-on tradition ethos, but Cacheux’s new Bespoke Collection is offering something new and fresh.  Buyers will be able to customize the watch; choosing from what kind of precious stone and strapping of the timepiece, tourbillion movement and what type of glitter for the stone.

The timepiece has four editions: the Bespoke Sapphire, the Bespoke Ruby, the Bespoke Emerald and the Bespoke Diamond.

The watches from the collection feature a unique tourbillion; it has a power reserve of more than 120 hours with one barrel.  After six months of meticulous hand-made work, each precious stone is embedded on the main dial and case side.  Once a stone is chosen, the color of the strapping is set to match the said diamond.

Other highlights include the option of a personal message inscription and the particular case-number edition engraving on the case-back.


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