Haute Time: The Chanel J 12

Chanel has always been synonymous with extravagance and luxury and the J12 is no exception. Released in 1999, the J12 was also Chanel’s first unisex watch, combining feminine touches and details with a fresh and masculine theme. The Chanel collection is largely known for the white ceramic Chanel J12 and the black ceramic Chanel J12, both featuring 33mm high-gloss ceramic cases and quartz movements.

Next, they presented a larger size to better suit men and the emerging over-sized watch trend, offering 38mm, 41mm and 42mm cases. Jeweled models with diamond bezels, hour markers, dials, cases and straps offer a variation of design and diamond placement. Precious metal trims, such as gold, pink gold and silver, are combined with the diamond variations to create a wide range of options.