Tesla to Sell 15 Final Edition Roadster Models of High-performance Electric Car

Image: Auto Guide

In preparation for the new year and the debut of their new Model S, electric car maker Tesla is selling just 15 of the Final Edition Roadster models.

The special edition of the Roadster sports car, which cost around $109,000, is no different in terms of specifications, however, if you’re hoping your Final Edition model is able to stand out from the crowd, Tesla has you covered. The 15 Final Edition models are all painted in Atomic Red paint with dark stripes and anthracite aluminum wheels.

According to reports, each of Tesla’s major sales regions (Unites States, Europe, Asia, etc.) will each receive five of the Final Edition models. As is typically seen with limited edition products, each car will be uniquely numbered and badged inside.

Once Tesla rolls out the new Model S, which is priced from $49,900, buyers will get an eco-friendly vehicle that goes from 0-60mph faster than a Poesche 911 Carrera. A special edition performance package for the Model S will be available for around $79,900 as well.

Source: Luxuo