Haute Living Gift Guide: Jean Paul Gaultier Limited Edition Champagne Bottles

Fishnets, handcuffs, leather and lace have unleashed themselves from the runways and strutted onto the red carpets and into the boudoirs of New York, Paris and London and now Jean Paul Gaultier, the man who introduced Madonna to her cone corsets has crafted the perfect accessory to initiate all into this fetishist lifestyle in time for the holiday season.

Gaultier’s two limited edition Champagne bottles, a collaboration with The House of Piper-Heidsieck, will be offered at wine.com and select retail outlets. The Cabaret-inspired French and Black Cancan bottles, dressed in black latex and fishnet stockings, will pop their corks for all who wish to have a special holiday celebration.

With only 60 coffret gift sets of Gaultier’s Black Cancan available in the US ($630), only a select few collectors will get their hands on the prized edition, however his French Cancan bottle of Piper-Heidsieck Brut ($55), distributed at fine wine stores nationally and at select hotspots in New York City, ensures that all will be invited to the masquerade.