Tighten Up: Haute 5 Calorie Burning Workouts in Los Angeles

It happens to all of us.  First we get that initial reminder of turning our clocks forward for spring, then we wake up one morning to hear birds chirping.  That’s when we realize it; we’re scarily close to having to bikini season.  Damn birds.  In Los Angeles, the pressure to stay in shape doesn’t take a hiatus during the winter months – it’s the price we have to pay for gorgeous year-round weather.  But with holidays that inspire indulging as opposed to dieting, we could all use a little “tightening” come spring.  Good thing this city is chock full of fitness fanatics, nutrition instructors, and life coaches to get your mind, body, and soul ready for the beach.  Here are LA’s haute 5 high calorie burning workouts.

Yoga Booty Ballet at Swerve Studio

Only on the second floor of a quintessential Los Angeles strip mall, can one peer in on the unique dancing/sweating/gyrating experience that is Yoga Booty Ballet.    A blend of yoga, aerobics, dance moves, and a little meditation all set to pop music, this class will change your mind about working out.  Where you once forced yourself to throw on those New Balances, you’ll now show up early to your workouts and maybe even do an extra set of sit-ups.  (Unlikely and ambitious, we know.) The original YBB instructor, Gillian Clark, still teaches classes and is undoubtedly the bets teacher to start with – she’s charismatic, bubbly, and so animated you’ll wonder if there’s something in her water.  Nope, it’s just all that Yoga Booty Ballet.

Swerve Studio is located at 8250 W. 3rd Street #205 in West Hollywood (323) 782-0741