Tighten Up: Haute 5 Calorie Burning Workouts in Los Angeles

Barry’s Bootcamp

Next time a wimpy yoga instructor asks you to “discover your body’s limit today and respect it,” you really will slap them.  Instead of assaulting a yogi, perhaps just try a new kind of workout.  Barry’s Bootcamp may be more your speed if you’d rather have someone yelling that if you don’t feel the burn, you will continue to look fat.  Oh, and by the way – screw your limits.  The class is one of the most challenging and iconic LA workouts.  It features roughly 30 minutes of intense cardio on treadmills followed by 30 minutes of strength training with free weights, body bars, and super fun activities like push-ups.  Set to a deafening level of hip hop, rock, and house music accompanied by the sounds of a buff instructor seemingly singling you out for being a little cry-baby (ok, we made that up), this is the class that will, in the best possible way, whip you into shape.

Barry’s Bootcamp is located at 1106 N. La Cienega Blvd in West Hollywood (310) 360-6262 (There are also locations in Sherman Oaks and San Diego)