Tighten Up: Haute 5 Calorie Burning Workouts in Los Angeles

Core Fusion at Exhale Santa Monica

Taking a workout class in a spa can be very dangerous.  The possibility of a class at noon, massage at 1, and facial at 2 can be too tempting for the weak of mind, but for those who can abstain from making a Glow Massage part of their workout regime, Core Fusion at Exhale Spa is for you.  It fuses the Lotte Berk method with pilates, yoga, and core conditioning to create a well-rounded class that will literally kick your butt.  It’s an hour of stretches and holds in positions you really don’t think you can hold and if that’s not enough, there’s always Core Fusion Cardio which merges the usual Core Fusion curriculum with medicine balls, weights, abs work, jumps, and other extra cardio moves (otherwise known as moves you try to avoid).  Because if you’re going to actually get off the couch, make it count.

Exhale Spa is located at 101 Wilshire Blvd at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica (310) 319-3193 (There is also a location in Venice)