Exclusive! Hot in the Kitchen with Reggie Bush

While Kim Kardashian’s filming for Quick Trim in Miami, things were certainly heating up at the kitchen of the Tupperware Party on 20 West 37th today with New Orleans Saints star Reggie Bush.

With a perfectly chilled glass of Voss Water, I settled in after finding my seat, noted by a personalized black and gray checkered place setting card with a red bow, and Sabrina Chapman in beautifully scrolled in cursive. Seated next to Page Six’s Stephanie Smith, we swapped gossip of our latest events.

Reggie Smith, Tupperware CEO Rick Goings, Peter Facinelli
Reggie Bush, Tupperware Chairman & CEO Rick Goings, Peter Facinelli

The luncheon was hosted by Tupperware Chairman & CEO Rick Goings, who served as the Head Chef alongside two sous-chefs in training, Reggie Bush and Twilight and Nurse Jackie’s actor Peter Facinelli. The program, which they dubbed “Aphrodisiac Luncheon” focused on teaching—men in this case—how to use Tupperware products and what they could do in terms of preparing food to spice up a romance.

The setting was like a demo filming, the audience in tiered seats facing a staged kitchen. On a tone of lighthearted fun, Goings pulled out a bottle of Cuervo tequila and a shot glass, and the trio was set to go for a fun-filled demonstration.

Menu samplings included Mojo Salsa and Mango-Pineapple Salsa with Blue Corn Chips, Citrus and White Wine Poached Mahi Mahi, and for desert a decadent and delicious Chocolate Cake with Chambord Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream and Fresh Berries. All made with the conveniences of Tupperware.

We departed, goodie bags filled with recipes, a lemon lime press, herb chopper, and more. Tupperware was named the design team of the year for 2009 by reddot and I’m certainly excited to try my new products.

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