D. Rodriguez Cuba Brings Havana Flavor To Miami

The Godfather strikes again. This time hitting Miami with his famous Latin flair and traditional Cuban roots, Douglas Rodriguez is setting the stage at the Hotel Astor for a truly luxurious Cuban dining experience.

Best known as the “Godfather of Nuevo Latino,” celebrity chef Douglas Rodriguez, most recently appearing in Top Chef Masters, is set to open a new restaurant in South Beach.  D. Rodriguez Cuba will offer a traditional selection of Cuban cuisine, which is scheduled to open in December.

As owner of the widely successful, Yuca in Coral Gables, Fla. and winner of the James Beard Award, Rodriguez is no stranger to the restaurant business. After his success with Yuca, he went on to establish more restaurants in cities such as Philadelphia and New York City-most recently opening OLA at The Sanctuary Hotel in South Beach that continues to hail outstanding reviews and much success.

Known for his influence on Latin cuisine it is no wonder why Rodriguez is taking the initiative to establish an upscale dining experience with the taste of traditional Cuba.

“Despite Miami’s rich Cuban influence, there hasn’t been a prevalence of upscale Cuban cuisine offered here,” Rodriguez says. “D. Rodriguez Cuba taps into the true roots of this culture. We’ll be serving up the flavor of Havana – in both the culinary and atmospheric sense.”

Ideally housed in the newly renovated Hotel Astor, D. Rodriguez Cuba will set the stage for an upscale dining experience.  The restaurant will replace La Maison D’Azur and taken on a lavish, and traditional old-world charm complete with a splash of that famous Miami flair.

The experience begins with a live serenade on the baby grand piano before being whisked away to an intimate dining area tucked amongst fragrant jasmine trees and twirling vines. Once there the menu is a carefully crafted assortment of handcrafted tapas, rich meaty entrees and an enticing selection of updated Cuban inspired cocktails.

Guests can enjoy the traditional dishes like ham croquetas and bacalo fritters with garlic aioli or opt to try some of the Nuevo Latino treats like the oxtail empanadas and casabe- crust tuna pizza. Tasty cocktails from the variety of daiquiris, pitchers of mojitos and Cuba Libres, are served while the rustic Spanish-style mosaic waterfall complemented by the hanging lanterns and stone fountains take you to a world 90 miles away.

Once the sun goes down the lavish experience enhances by becoming a space for live musicians to liven up the dance floor every Thurs- Sunday.