The Best of Design: Personalized Luxury with Carlitos Matta

Personalized Luxury

Carlitos Matta


 Matta cites two other important aspects of his business. For him, “It is all about having the right sources and most of all a flawless service.”  

By Mary Mullaj
Photography by Hector O. Torres

Architecture, art, and design are only a few of the distinctive qualities that make Carlitos Matta one of Miami’s top licensed realtors and coveted interior decorators. He combines these specialties to create a higher standard for contemporary luxury living by allowing clients to purchase real estate and then have it decorated to suit their needs and tastes. “I can find a unique, exclusive property and transform it into a dream home,” says Matta. He prides himself on his ability to visualize a home’s potential and refashion it into a unique, personalized space that will suit each of his elite clients perfectly.

Matta’s custom creations are always based around his customers’ personalities and lifestyles. “My clients’ best interests and desires always come first,” he explains. “When searching for a home with a client, I only present exceptional properties that I know will suit their lifestyle, and then I offer them a turnkey residence, where all they have to bring is their clothes.” Matta’s conviction that uniqueness and exclusivity can be achieved in all types of ambiance makes him just as likely to choose a 19th century chandelier as a contemporary Ingo Maurer creation. In the same vein, in one client’s room he chose to mix an antique Indian mirror with blue and white porcelain accessories from Williams Sonoma Home. In choosing pieces, he never loses sight of the reasons for his designs: the space, the place, and above all, the person. The results are all embracing, timeless interiors where each piece has a rationale and a story.

Suiting his clientele is the most important piece of the design puzzle for Matta, but his personal favorite part is envisioning and choosing the perfect details. They are integral components of his interiors, and for him, details are the path to achieving ultimate luxury in a design. One example of this can be found in Tahiti Beach in Coral Gables, which he personally perfected. The most spectacular space has to be the family room, in which Matta chose to surround the Kreiss sectional, round table, and chairs by beautiful flowering plants by Citiscapes. The room is accented by silk pillows, throws, silver pedestal lamps, a wood tray and window curtains by Williams Sonoma Home. Antique Louis Vuitton trunks from Paris and a crystal chandelier from Prague provide the final touches. The mix of the contemporary furniture and details with the antique accents creates an amazing environment that is both welcoming and luxurious.

Matta cites two other important aspects of his business. For him, “It is all about having the right sources and most of all a flawless service.” With over a decade of experience in the design industry, he has a plethora of worldwide sources at his fingertips that allow him to tailor his designs to his clients’ exact needs and wants. These are the last ingredients in Matta’s array of exceptional services that culminate in the creation of luxury dream properties. That Matta handles all aspects of the process makes the experience pleasant and the personalized results even more enjoyable.