40 Signature Series Luxury Super-Yacht


Appealing to a new generation of luxury yacht owners, the Foster-designed 40 Signature Series brings a new design that reflects the personality and aesthetic tastes of its contemporary owner. Through its state-of-the-art interior and super-sleek design, the Signature Series surpasses all expectations of any other yacht of equivalent size. With an ultra-modern architectural design, this exquisite motor yacht is sure to turn heads with its unprecedented level of comfort, space, and privacy.

With outdoor terraces, plenty of natural light, and panoramic ocean views from the interior cabin, this megayacht is the perfect toy for those seeking adventure, quiet, and solitude. With more deck space than many of the leading competitors, this 132-foot megayacht provides all the amenities conducive to comfort.

Lord Norman Foster’s exceptional work on luxury hotels and residences enabled him to dream up a unique and fresh approach to designing this one-of-a-kind yacht. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

Via BornRich