How Surviving Breast Cancer Inspired Giuliana Rancic’s First Skincare Line, Fountain Of Truth

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AF__2075Photo Credit: Founder of Truth/Giuliana Rancic

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36, Giuliana Rancic (now 44) was determined to find skincare products that were safe to use and offered age-defying benefits. And so, the E! News host committed herself to creating her own line of clean, safe and gentle products and sharing them with all people of all ages. On October 8, Rancic stepped into the clean beauty skincare industry, officially launching her skincare line, Fountain of Truth. We sat down with Rancic to discuss the inspiration behind her eco-luxe beauty line (which is available here) and how, as a cancer survivor, she makes herself feel beautiful every single day.

Fountain Of Truth Honey Glow Masque
Fountain Of Truth Honey Glow Masque

Photo Credit: Fountain of Truth

What inspired you to create your own skincare line?

When I was 36, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was determined to find skincare products that were safe to use. I committed myself to creating my own clean products for people of all ages and skin types.

What sets the line apart?

The line is for all skin types. I wanted to make sure I created an inclusive line that provided clean, effective and gentle skincare solutions for people of all ages and ethnicities. Our hero technology is the bio-ferment complex of clean, safe, gentle, and highly effective, fermented skin-loving botanical and earth derived ingredients of zinc, iron, copper, magnesium and Wakame seaweed, which helps to achieve softer, smoother, more luminous skin with visibly more volume.

Fountain Of Truth In Hand Cream
Fountain Of Truth In Hand Cream

Photo Credit: Fountain Of Truth

What’s your hero product? Tell us about it.

The Fountain of Truth hero product, The TRUTH Insta-Face Lift Elixir, is a light-weight, botanically-charged treatment that can help your skin fight the visible signs of aging without a visit to the medi-spa. Developed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this product contains powerful Spilanthes Acmella flower extract, which helps to create smoother and tighter-looking skin, as well as black cumin seed oil, with essential fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids, to help create a look of plumpness and volume. With continued use, your skin’s appearance will improve and take on more bounce and radiance.

AF__1427Photo Credit: Founder of Truth/Giuliana Rancic

What inspired the name?

When thinking of what to call my eco-luxe beauty line I wanted the name to describe what it is…truthful. I believe clean beauty helps create a radiant, more youthful looking complexion without having to sacrifice on performance. The name actually came to me quickly and very naturally and my friends and family loved it right away.

As you were battling breast cancer, what great things did you do for yourself to make you feel beautiful, and how often did you do them?

It was such a hard time for me and the last thing I cared about was how I looked yet once I went back to work and had my hair and makeup done, I looked in the mirror and recognized the girl I was before the breast cancer. It made me realize that I was more than just someone with breast cancer and to start focusing on the good things in my life. It’s actually the reason I started my charitable initiative, FabUWish, where we grant wishes to women going through breast cancer treatment. The power of makeup, skincare, styling and wardrobe can remind you of the woman you were before the cancer and that’s a nice feeling.

Fountain Of Truth Insta-Face Lift Elixer
Fountain Of Truth Insta-Face Lift Elixer

Photo Credit: Fountain Of Truth

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