ICON 2023: A Tribute to JR Ridinger’s Legacy of Inspiring Others

Photo Credit: ICON 2023In Greensboro, North Carolina, a meaningful event took place on August 23rd when Loren Ridinger, Co-Founder & CEO of Market America Worldwide, introduced the JR Ridinger Museum at the company’s global headquarters. This marked the start of a heartfelt tribute that unfolded during ICON 2023, dedicated to honoring the lasting legacy of Market America’s Founder, JR Ridinger. The museum serves as a testament to JR’s innovative way of connecting with people. Inside its walls, visitors can explore the distinctive items JR employed on stage to convey his iconic teachings.

Photo Credit: ICON 2023From a life-sized hamster wheel to a tightrope, a bean jar, and the “Joe Nobody” tombstone, JR’s visionary perspective transformed these props into life lessons. Monitors strategically placed throughout the museum replay the captivating instances when JR employed these props, each representing a different facet of life, igniting hope and ambition. Central to JR’s philosophy was his belief that time is the most precious commodity. The tombstone symbolizes birth and death dates, with the dash in between signifying our lives. Though we can’t control the tombstone’s dates, we can shape what transpires within the dash. JR utilized this concept to epitomize our existence and impact, urging us to seize our dash fully. By introducing the UnFranchise® Business, JR inspired people to maximize the time between the dashes. Loren expressed, “Each exhibit in this museum encapsulates a narrative, a lesson my husband ardently shared to empower countless individuals. It’s a visual embodiment of JR’s enduring conviction that everyone holds the power to rewrite their story, step out of their comfort zone, and dream beyond limits.”

The start of ICON 2023 kicked off the event, with a heartfelt tribute to JR as her husband and guiding light. Marc Ashley, President and COO of Market America Worldwide revealed an exciting direction for the company. This included the introduction of VIFT™, an innovative digital wallet set to make waves in the gig economy. VIFT rewards online shoppers on SHOP.COM and Market America platforms, making shopping a journey of earnings. Shoppers earn cash rewards with each purchase, while UnFranchise® Owners enjoy retail profits directly in their VIFT wallets. The simplicity of VIFT offers instant access to earnings through preferred payment methods, including a 1% cash reward for full wallet purchases. As the event continued, the spotlight fell on new products from Motives®, Fixx™, and Layered™, with Bliss® CBD Gummies + Ashwagandha taking center stage. These vegan and gluten-free gummies, infused with adaptogenic botanicals, promise relaxation and well-being—a natural escape from modern life’s hustle.*

During ICON 2023, a touching moment unfolded when Amber Ridinger McLaughlin, Vice President of Market America Worldwide, graced the stage. She shared how her father’s passion influenced her and spoke of preserving his enduring legacy. Amber remembered her father’s ability to bring out the best in people and his role as a guide. Families who embraced JR’s vision joined her on stage, and her speech deeply resonated. After ICON 2023 ended, Loren and her grandchildren recreated JR’s iconic moments, each with a business lesson. A moving instance was when Loren and JR’s three grandchildren stood on stage, symbolically breaking an alarm clock to represent time freedom. JR’s unwavering commitment echoed in his addresses to UnFranchise Owners, and Loren carried on this tradition, closing with impactful words: “Life is woven from pursued dreams, shattered boundaries, and crafted legacies. As you journey home, reflect on your path and choices. Contemplate this – how will you shape the life between your dashes?”

Photo Credit: ICON 2023

The closing moments of ICON 2023 featured JR Ridinger’s final words through an audio recording, accompanied by a spotlight on the ‘Joe Nobody’ tombstone placed on the stage “The years are going by and I’m afraid of running out of time. I’m not 30 anymore,” said JR. “I want to have one more magic moment! Everybody dies but not everybody lives. We need to live. We’re here now. The dash is still there. You better make it count. What are you going to do with the dash?”

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