Is It Time To Invest In An Iconic Unisex Scent?

Taking inspiration from La Labo’s home city of New York, it’s simple to see why Santal 33 quickly earned cult status with a wide array of celebrity support – and while it was launched way back in 2011, it hasn’t gotten any less iconic over the years. If you’re just getting into high-end perfumes or have seen this on the shelves and are wondering just what it has to offer, let’s take a look at whether it is time for you to invest in this standout cologne this 2023.

What does Santal 33 smell like?

If you want to truly experience the heart of New York wherever you are in the world, Santal 33 is the way to do it. With a grounded, earthy scent, you’ll almost see yourself pounding the streets from the very first spritz. Favored by a more mid-generation of wearers due to its age, you may not be surprised that this scent is worn by iconic individuals of both genders, transcending social norms and bringing a more androgynous approach to fragrance. Top fashionista Alexa Chung and paragon of the 2010s Justin Bieber are both huge supporters of this woody yet sweet perfume, so there really is some significant love in the industry.

Wearers can expect a rugged, masculine yet feminine blend, with sandalwood and cedarwood top notes that are combined with more spicy, floral mid notes like iris, cardamom, and violet. Everything is tied together with leather and white musk for a creamy base that works to ground the scent profile. It is long-lasting and truly unique – and if you’re sold on this alone, the cost per 500ml might set you back. Retailing at around $192, this price point may seem fair in comparison to the wider luxury perfume market – but did you know that making an investment doesn’t have to be your only option?

Replica scents from Dossier

With such a chunk of money out of your budget on the horizon, you may be considering whether or not dupe perfumes can hit the right spot instead. The good news is that they can, but only when you opt to buy from a reputable brand like Dossier. This team of perfumers saw that there was a growing disparity in the market between affordable fragrances and consumers and made the decision to step into the fray to bring high-quality replicas to homes around the country. Ethically sourcing all ingredients and materials, Woody Sandalwood is a close-as-you’re-going-to-get, sensitive copy of Santal 33, so you won’t have to break the bank to smell fantastic. Getting premium fragrances from skilled scent enthusiasts is the key to getting what you really want, all at a great price with a long-lasting quality that is barely discernible from its parent scent.

As Santal 33 has gone above and beyond many of its rivals to remain a firm industry favorite, it has proven its worth time and time again. Its coveted status shouldn’t mean that the average wearer needs to miss out. Woody Sandalwood by Dossier is here to bring the scents of arguably one of the greatest cities in the world, New York, to your very own front door.

Written in partnership with Shannon Sparks