Automation Is The Key To DPI’s Upgraded Client Management System

Mark Weithorn, President of DPI Showcase Websites

DPI Showcase Websites’ CRM technology helps Realtors enjoy more referrals and better client relationships.

Building solid client relationships is essential for real estate businesses, but managing hundreds at once can be a time-consuming challenge. Technological tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are a powerful resource for Realtors, helping them manage and analyze customer interactions and data. CRMs collect and analyze clients’ preferences, giving real estate agents valuable insights to help them meet and exceed their client’s needs. Today, cutting-edge CRM is seen as a must-have by key industry players to ensure their success.

While many CRM options exist, most are too complex to use, incompatible with certain kinds of websites, or loaded down with unnecessary functions. To counter those issues, DPI Showcase, which has been creating real estate websites for 20 years, offers a robust suite of website services with built-in CRM tools. One of the most appealing factors about DPI’s CRM is its simple user interface and overall ease of use. The system’s intuitive, user-friendly features are designed specifically to help Realtors thrive in a competitive market without the frustrations of dealing with unnecessarily complicated systems.

“CRMs should be clean and intuitive,” explains Mark Weithorn, President of DPI Showcase Websites. “Ours is easy to use and automates the client management process for Realtors to save time and ensure productivity.”

The system’s lead capture is one of its many useful, time-saving automated features. It automatically adds clients to a database after prompting them to enter their information on a real estate business’s website. Once their name, contact, and other information have been successfully captured, the automation process begins. Weekly electronic newsletters and annual emails—birthday, transaction anniversaries, holiday greetings—are then sent to those clients at relevant intervals. These touchpoints are crucial for staying in touch over long periods of time, maintaining trust, and staying top-of-mind.

“About 67% of all real estate sales come from referrals,” Weithorn says. “You have to stay in touch with clients throughout the years so you won’t be easily forgotten especially in this digital landscape. This system allows you to automatically stay in front of them.”

The level of engagement maintained by DPI’s CRM offering makes Realtors more likely to be referred by others, he explains, because it keeps them in their clients’ line of vision. In order to get the most out of those interactions, data must be collected and used for intelligently tailored marketing. The CRM composes emails related to clients’ specific interests, keeping things relevant to their needs, unlike the spam emails that clog up so many inboxes. One way it accomplishes this is by saved searches, through which clients’ preferences can be saved and used to generate emails with feature listings related to their searches on the site. Because the emails they receive are related to their interests, these customized, automated emails give clients a sense of personalized attention.

DPI’s CRM software serves as a point of control over centralized data, communication, and information displayed on real estate websites. Several tools can be used to customize the information displayed on Realtors’ websites. The properties management tool, for instance, can show which properties to display on the Featured Listings section of the home page. In addition to email automation and syndication, it also offers support for websites and social media platforms.

Tools such as social media auto-posting and blog management can be easily controlled through the interface. DPI can automatically generate real estate blog posts and automatically feature the six most recent in a weekly automated email e-newsletter. Populating a real estate website with blog articles can also assist with search engine optimization (SEO), helping users find the website through organic searches on popular search engines.

Through DPI’s CRM offerings, Realtors also have the option to manually add their own blog posts and optimize their blog titles, body content, keywords, and image data. The properties management tool uses MLS numbers to determine which properties are visible on the site, and there’s also a social auto-posting feature that links posts to LinkedIn and Facebook business pages as appropriate.

Ultimately, CRM software maximizes real estate professionals’ time and profits. It’s one of the most important modern tools for seamlessly managing a real estate business through a single platform. Its most important job: eliminating the need for multiple services and freeing up real estate professionals’ time and energy so they can do what they do best, and efficiently at that.

Written in partnership with Ascend