Vic Garcia Uses Art to Spread Joy for your Todays and Tomorrows

Vic Garcia might be a young artist, but his work and reputation have already left a strong impression within his community and on some of the biggest household names of this generation.

Vic Garcia

Photo Credit: Jonathan Martinez

Vic Garcia makes art out of his studio in Miami, but not too long ago, his sketches and drawings were nothing more than a habit. All of that changed when he realized the impact his art could have on others.

“When I hung up my art on someone’s wall for the first time, it was definitely a turning point,” said Garcia. “Until then, I didn’t consider that my art could be seen by someone in their home, and they could take inspiration and joy from that on a daily basis – that was an eye-opening experience. Seeing people’s feedback and love just returns all that inspiration and it just makes me want to create more and more. I often say that I’m not in this alone. Without the love and support, my dream is just a dream and not a reality.”

Garcia’s instantly recognizable style began as sketches and drawings he would make for himself or friends. However, the drawings and characters he would create eventually became a world of their own. It’s a world he wishes to share with as many people as possible in hopes to spread gratitude and joy.

Photo Credit: Vic Garcia

From athletes like LeBron James, Manny Machado and Alex Rodriguez, to global superstars such as Pharrell Williams and Bad Bunny, Garcia’s work has caught the eye of several household names. The Miami-based artist recently shared a one-of-a-kind piece dedicated to Jimmy Butler at the Miami Heat baller’s Haute Living cover celebration.

When presenting the painting to Butler, the six-time NBA All-Star was impressed with the intricate and personal details Garcia was able to include. References to Butler’s high school, career achievements and upbringing were all there.

“Every painting is unique, but for Jimmy’s piece, I knew we would eventually cross paths so I had something ready. When Kamal (Haute Media Group co-founder and CEO) reached out, the stars aligned. But when I have client pieces similar to Jimmy’s, I typically send a list of questions that will tell me a bit about the person’s history, important places in their lives, career achievements, etc. So, I’ll combine that information with my own research and it all comes together.”

Vic Garcia and Jimmy Butler

Photo Credit: Alexander Tamargo | Getty Images

For years now, Garcia has been extremely active in the greater Miami community.

“There’s a huge art scene in Miami and it’s constantly growing,” said Garcia. “People from around the world are visiting daily and are becoming witnesses to the art culture down here. Different neighborhoods throughout the city are incorporating more art throughout their city walls and murals. It’s a great thing to see for us artists and it’s definitely inspiring.”

In addition to positivity and joy, Garcia is never shy to mention how important the next generation of artists is to him.

“I try to give back to the community as much as I can. One of my main messages is to inspire the youth, so any chance I get to visit local schools and do murals and connect to the kids and inspire the future generation of leaders, I immediately agree to make it happen.”

Photo Credit: Jonathan Martinez

Photo Credit: Vic Garcia

Vic Garcia’s art is not exclusive to murals and canvases. He has his own clothing brand called Vic Garcia World, where he extends the world of his characters and art. He has created sculptures of these characters, which he hopes to eventually transform into vinyl toys.

To keep up with Vic Garcia’s upcoming projects and learn more about the Miami-based artist, follow him on Instagram.