Dr. Minoo Ghamari Reveals The True Cost of Running A Leading Cosmetic Dental Practice

Dr. Minoo Ghamari, the lead cosmetic dentist at Gorgeous Smiles in Melbourne, Australia, has worked hard to establish her clinic. She recently confessed that her journey was not easy, filled with sleepless nights and worrisome moments. The road to success for the porcelain veneers and Invisalign professionals was also fraught with unhappy patients, underachieving employees, and the unprecedented challenges of world events. Now, she has shared the behind-the-scenes details of her uphill battle and the wisdom she learned along the way.

“It is not luck or a load of money that makes a successful dental clinic,” Dr. Ghamari revealed. “It is hard work, hard work, and more hard work. It’s the early days of your business when you wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick and worried, wondering if you will make rent this month. It’s your first complaint, the first employee you have to replace, and facing a global crisis head-on.”

Human healthcare

Despite the trials and tribulations she has been through, the lead dentist is keen to empower other entrepreneurs just beginning their journey. “Everyone gets unsatisfied customers,” she said. “You have to accept that you have tried your best, but you can’t make 100% of people happy 100% of the time.”

Running a healthcare business is not for the faint of heart. Dr. Ghamari admits that it is challenging and time-consuming but rewarding if one focuses on providing the best care for their patients. “You learn and grow every day if you focus on doing your best for your patients and ignore all the white noise out there,” she said. “It’s about enjoying the process because if you are not having fun while creating an amazing workplace, then what is the point?”

Female flair

Gorgeous Smiles started with just one dental chair and grew to four, thanks to the hard work and dedication invested in the business. Dr. Ghamari and her mother founded the company and, over the years, focused on hiring women for all positions within the clinic. They noticed a high turnover in staff during the first few years and realized that the skills of nurses and admin staff were easily transferable to other clinics. To address this, they created job-specific titles to retain staff, grow their skills, and review their pay to match their new responsibilities.

Victory in Victoria

What makes Gorgeous Smiles different from other Melbourne clinics is its quick rise from its foundation in 2013 to becoming one of the leading cosmetic dental practices in Victoria today. Dr. Ghamari and her team are proud of the positive outcomes they have provided to their patients and their features in several prominent publications, including Influencive.

Dr. Ghamari’s story could serve as an inspiration to all entrepreneurs, especially those in the healthcare industry. Her message is that the journey to success is never easy, but it is worth it when you stay focused on providing the best service for your customers and the most rewarding workplace for your employees.

Written in partnership with Ventures Bite