How Imani Hakim Is Preparing Herself For The Season 3 Finale Of “Mythic Quest”

Imani HakimPhoto Credit: Jonny Marlow

Imani Hakim is preparing herself for the beginning of the end — of her Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest, that is. In tonight’s season 3 finale, Hakim, who plays Dana, a driven and studious video game tester who steadily proves herself in a male-dominated industry, will conclude her wild ride for the season. Here’s what Hakim has to say about it.

Imani HakimPhoto Credit: Jonny Marlow

Tell us about your character, Dana’s, journey in Season 3 of ‘Mythic Quest’? Have you noticed any personal growth? In what ways, if so?

Absolutely. At the top of S3 Dana has landed in the most ideal situation of getting to work with two of the best in the industry, Ian, and Poppy. Only — it doesn’t exactly live up to her expectations. Yes, she gets to witness Poppy’s process in real-time and yes, she gets to go on expansive adventures with Ian but between the thrilling moments —she’s too busy managing their egos which in the end may not be worth it to Dana. She’s forced to reevaluate what this all means. It isn’t lost on Dana the opportunity she’s acquired working at GrimPop; however, I think Dana also understands this isn’t enough. She has to bet on herself— again. I think that’s one of the key takeaways she directly got working at Mythic Quest and then GrimPop, sometimes you just have to leap!

What is your personal relationship like with Dana? How are you alike? How do you differ?

Dana and I both share big dreams and ideas. We’re both so passionate about what we do even when we do not have a clue about the “know-how.” But there’s this passion to figure it out and make things happen. We differ in ways, for example, Dana might be a little bit bolder in comparison to me. I admire her courage in trusting her vision and being able to pitch that to her bosses without all the pieces in order, but because of her tenacity, they believe in her! Dana is teaching me to live fearlessly and take chances.

It seems from behind-the-scenes posts that the cast of ‘Mythic Quest’ has such a close bond. Was that bond immediate or did it come over time? Who are you closest to from the set and why?

I would say it was pretty immediate. Casting did a wonderful job at selecting the actors and I am so grateful our personalities mesh so well together. I think it’s no secret how close the ladies are on MQ, but this past year has been nice forming a stronger bond with Danny Pudi. He’s an absolute angel.

What is your best off-set bonding memory?

I would say any time we’ve had an impromptu karaoke night will always be a highlight. There was one weekend when Charlotte would look up sheet music to all of our favorite songs and play the keys as we all sang. It was truly magical.

Imani HakimPhoto Credit: Jonny Marlow

We saw that you are an advocate for body positivity. Can you share a bit more about how you have utilized your platform to speak out? Where did the need to be vocal about this come from? Do you have a personal experience that you can share?

It’s a scary thing to allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your insecurities publicly. In 2021 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis which is an inflammation disease, and my body has suffered and changed so much because of this condition. And I honestly got so tired of hiding myself, wearing baggy clothes because my body has changed. Not knowing how my body is going to react on a day-to-day basis. I challenged myself to share that part of me. It’s uncomfortable but I know there are other women and people out there who are dealing with serious issues like body dysmorphia. And I know how healing it can be to know you aren’t alone in it.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? What, if so? And why?

Mm, I think this year I want to take a page out of Dana’s book and continue to bet on myself. Be courageous and move fearlessly. Why? Because the little girl version of me needs to see it, and I want to make her proud.

What do you have in the pipeline for 2023?

I am embracing stepping into my “producorial” role. I’ve got my head in the books learning, growing, and stumbling as I go. I have some projects I am developing, and I can’t wait to share them!