7 Ways to Get Out in Nature This Fall

As the weather cools down, the world around us feels like it’s preparing for its winter slumber. The leaves turn beautiful colors, the morning dew becomes frost, and animals begin their hibernation. When the frigid temps finally arrive, it grows harder to find reasons to leave your cozy home. Here are a few ways to get yourself out into nature this fall to enjoy it while you can.

1. Go on Autumn Hikes With the Family

There’s something about the crunch of fallen leaves under your feet that induces nostalgia and comfort. Bring your family out for a day of hiking to enjoy the red, orange, and yellow foliage. The temperature’s no threat with proper clothing, and cozying up by the fire afterward will feel that much nicer.

Children and teenagers often like to venture out on their own and may decide to split off or wander on their own. No need to worry — just equip them with a smart device that acts as a GPS tracker for kids. This way, if they get truly lost, you’ll be able to find them in moments.

2. Pay a Farm Visit

The autumnal harvest of apples, pumpkins, squash, pears, and other produce is a defining feature of the season. We no longer depend on it as a society to the same degree, but participating can be a grounding experience. There’s nothing like returning with a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and it’s even better when you’ve picked them yourself.

Farm visits can also be an entertaining trip in general, with corn mazes, hayrides, and petting zoos. Interacting with animals up close can be particularly educational for children and create a lovely family memory. As a plus, the kids will sleep soundly after all of that sensory input!

3. Do Some Bird-Watching

For a tranquil excursion, consider grabbing your binoculars and a field guide and heading out to bird-watch. The act of finding and scrutinizing the birds in your vicinity is nearly meditative in its calming effects. And despite frequent stops to look upward, it can be almost as good a workout as hiking.

Bird-watching really allows you moments to sit in and be a part of the surrounding nature. It provides a level of immersion that you may rarely get otherwise. You’ll become more attuned to the many creatures, winged and otherwise, that inhabit the world along with you.

4. Engage in Outdoor Exercise

Although colder weather makes it tempting to stay inside, it can actually benefit you if you’re looking to begin exercising. Gone is the harsh heat of summer, and while you’ll still work up a sweat, outdoor exercise won’t be as punishing. If you’re hoping to engage with nature and also begin exercising, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Find a state or local park and lace up your running shoes or hop on your bike. You’ll get more than enough fresh air to clear your mind after being inside for increased amounts of time. Getting your blood pumping while admiring the beauties of nature will energize both your body and spirit.

5. Take In Local Fall Festivals and Halloween Events

Your town or city will almost certainly have local events that celebrate the arrival of fall. You can find a local Halloween parade and dress up the kids in their best costumes or join a pumpkin pie–eating contest. Other popular events include pumpkin-carving contests and showcases, haunted houses, ghost tours, farmers’ markets, and more.

In addition to these family outings, there will likely be kid-specific events to sign your child up for. Some towns host fun runs or set up window-painting sessions for children all around town. Keep up with the town’s social media pages so you know when the next event is happening.

6. Pack a Picnic

Combine your love of food with your desire to get outdoors by going on picnics on nice days. It’s a great family or solo activity, and you don’t need to have specialized equipment. Prepare your meal and snacks in advance, stow them in a bag or basket, and head out to enjoy your repast.

For family picnics, consider packing toys and games for you and your children to play with. You can bring balls for higher-energy outings, simple board games like Mancala, or outdoor favorites like cornhole. Picnics are a low-effort, low-pressure way to get out in nature, and they’re fun to arrange even on short notice.

7. Shoot Some Frames

As you enjoy nature this fall, grab your camera or smartphone and take pictures of yourselves in the bright autumnal surroundings. In addition to family photos, encourage your children to snap pix of things that interest them as they explore the world. It’s also a perfect time for you to get candid shots of your young adventurers.

Any outing can include a photo session to capture the moments of family fun and togetherness. This doesn’t have to involve posed shots, but fall does provide a lovely backdrop for family portraits. The pictures you take can solidify the memory for you and give everyone something to look back on fondly.

No matter how busy your schedule is, you’ll appreciate taking the time to go out and breathe the crisp autumn air. Whether for an hour or a weekend, getting out in nature lets you spend time with family and connect with the world around you.

Written in partnership with Adogy