How Yasmin Tavakoli is Enabling Commercial Landlords to Easily Fill Vacancies in their Commercial Real Estate with her Technology Platform, ‘Retail Tenant’

Regardless of market conditions, real estate is an evergreen industry. Of course, the Covid-19 Pandemic changed the real estate industry drastically. During this time, many business owners had to shut down their businesses due to the quarantine orders and work-from-home restrictions. While this is an unfortunate phenomenon, it is not without some positive externalities. Many people who have closed restaurants or stores during Covid may be looking for second-generation commercial space; further many of the businesses that closed down during Covid are now getting filled by new entrepreneurs.

In line with the cycle of life, when one business closes, there is an opportunity for new businesses to grow. Now, over two years removed from the worst of the pandemic, the commercial real estate industry is on the rise once again. In addition to noting that the effects of e-commerce on brick-and-mortar retail businesses have been overblown, experts understand that there is now a plethora of primely located, affordable commercial real estate opportunities. Furthermore, similar to how the impact of e-commerce has been overstated, J.P. Morgan notes that the reported exodus of cities like NYC and Los Angeles has been overstated as multifamily properties in these cities largely returned to pre-pandemic vacancy levels before the end of 2021.

Yasmin Tavakoli is an experienced entrepreneur, with a background in commercial Real Estate investments, who is capitalizing on these market trends. With a keen business sense and a strong desire to help on all sides of a real estate transaction, Tavakoli has an unparalleled ability to provide value to landlords and tenants alike.

Amidst a storied career as an entrepreneur and commercial real estate investor, Tavakoli is the co-founder of Retail Tenant. Drawing on her experience in the business, Tavakoli is on a mission to help landlords find tenants to fill their vacancies as well as to help prospective tenants find their dream location. To this point, Retail Tenant is a technology platform enabling landlords and their agents to find the perfect tenant for vacancies in their shopping centers, community center, malls, retail spaces, and storefronts. Retail Tenant boasts a comprehensive and ever-expanding list of existing and prospective tenants for them to contact. Additionally, the platform also provides guidelines and best practices on what each tenant requires, where they are expanding from, and they’re representing agents’ basic contact information.

Beyond providing much-needed transparency and variety to the commercial real estate industry, Tavakoli’s platform emphasizes user experience and usability. Retail Tenant enables users to easily filter by state and other pertinent information to their search. Of course, Retail Tenant provides guidelines for state-specific criteria, demographics, and other essential information needed to make complex real estate decisions. In the spirit of putting users first and providing value, the site currently offers a 7-day free trial; furthermore, the site also allows users to send Tavakoli and her team suggestions of new features they would like to see on the site. Tavakoli prides herself on the ability to incorporate user feedback as well as her constantly evolving search engine.

As mentioned, Tavakoli is perfectly suited to run this platform as she has deep experience in the industry as a commercial real estate landlord. Understanding that the biggest challenge for commercial real estate landlords can be finding synergetic tenants that qualify and are reliable, Tavakoli took it upon herself to solve that problem directly. The Retail Tenant platform is an elegant solution allowing commercial landlords to optimally search for, and secure, new tenants for all types of commercial real estate from hair salons to restaurants to boutiques to retail shopping and more.

Written in partnership with Ascend