Drew Blumenthal, Founder of Global Digital Agency Digital Drew, Gives His Advice to Other Digital Entrepreneurs

Drew Blumenthal wants to help other entrepreneurs find success in their entrepreneurial journey. Whether they are founders, owners, or aspiring to start a business, he believes that his experience in scaling his digital marketing agency from one client to fifty can help others looking to start a business as well.

The New York-based marketing company that he founded, is establishing itself as a leader in the industry. Thanks to his attention to detail, and ability to understand his clients’ needs, he has gained clients from all around the globe.

Digital Drew is a digital marketing business that provides a full suite of services for businesses and individuals looking to build their online presence and generate leads. Utilizing Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads, SEO, Website development, email marketing, and more, he has been able to consistently improve the lead generation and revenue of his clients since founding the company in 2017.

While he believes there is a lot that goes into a business, here are some of his key tips for others looking to find the same level of success that he enjoys today.

Find Your Passion

Drew Blumenthal has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Whether it was a lemonade stand, a babysitting service, or some other idea, he has been dabbling in business since he was a kid. However, he believes the key to success is finding the intersection of something you enjoy and something you are good at. I have always loved helping people and computers.” That love for people and computers translated easily to the digital marketing world. After graduating from West Chester University, he would start a short yet successful career working with some of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world. This experience would carry over when he returned to his entrepreneurial dream by launching Digital Drew.

Be Okay With Problems.

Starting a business does not immediately take away all of your problems. In fact, it will most likely create more than it solves in the beginning. A general rule of thumb for many entrepreneurs is that if something can go wrong, expect it to. Although it sounds a bit depressing and pessimistic, this is just a part of the business. Drew recognizes this. “You spend most of your day solving problems and putting out fires. The better you are at doing that and accomplishing your other tasks; the better your business will go.”

Always Improve

Drew does not claim to be the smartest person in the room, but he would like to think that he is the most dedicated. “Problems come, but I am devoted to striving to always be better. I’m always willing to try new things and find ways to improve.” This dedication to improvement gives him the edge he needs to succeed in an industry that is known for its fierce competition.

Diversify Quickly

Although Drew started his brand by focusing just on Facebook ads, as soon as he was established, he looked to diversify his services. “In a sense, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. By offering other services, you protect yourself if one stops performing the way you want it to.” However, as a warning, he added that sometimes looking to diversify can be detrimental to your business. “If you aren’t able to implement your ideas and see strong results, you aren’t diversifying, you’re getting distracted.”

About Drew Blumenthal and Digital Drew

Drew Blumenthal is the founder of Digital Drew, an advanced digital marketing provider for small and large businesses around the world. With clients from multiple countries, industries, and backgrounds, his team is more than equipped to meet their customers’ needs. For more information, please visit, digitaldrewsem.com.

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