Roman Balandin: How He Carved His Path as a Real Estate Leader

Roman Balandin is both a broker and the owner of Roman Balandin Realty, a well-known real estate firm in the state of New Jersey that is at the forefront of driving innovation in the real estate industry at the crossroads of technology and a culture that places a priority on the satisfaction of customers. He earned his BSc in Computer Science from Rutgers University in 2002. Therefore, as a result of his extensive skill in internet marketing, he has affected how he conducts his brokerage as well as the value he provides to his agents.

As a matter of fact, the real estate business is undergoing significant transformation as a result of the advancements in technology that have occurred in recent decades. If the real estate team or brokerage does not pay attention to emerging technological developments and does not find a way to integrate these trends into their day-to-day operations, they will miss out on the potential to be one step ahead of their competitors. Roman Balandin has more than 13 years of experience in this field, allowing him to swiftly understand all of these different variables. When it comes to the expansion of his real estate firm, Roman Balandin Realty, certain tools, and technologies, such as artificial intelligence, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, analytical software, and accountability programs, are all incorporated accordingly. In addition, the real estate sector is moving toward the formation of partnerships and the use of a team-based organizational model. Teams that are effectively formed, such as theirs, which conduct a high volume of business, have a greater propensity to get more attention and ultimately acquire a larger overall market share.

“In particular, we have included in our overall business model technologies for customer relationship management, artificial intelligence, as well as analytical and accountability tools. Because the housing industry is in a state of perpetual change, those teams that can adjust more quickly will enjoy greater levels of success. When we take into consideration the present market perspective as well as the effect that increasing interest rates and inflation will have on the housing market, I foresee a slowdown in the housing market, particularly in urban areas and large cities. However, suburbs that are just a short drive or train ride away from major metropolitan areas may attract new buyers who are leaving the city because of the rising cost of living, “adds Balandin.

Every good team knows how to use the strengths of its players to their fullest, and the team at Roman Balandin Realty is no exception. Having worked and thrived in the real estate industry for many years, Balandin has a deep understanding of luxury branding and the challenges of dealing with high-profile customers. However, his fiercely competitive mentality and unwavering commitment to growth make him stand out in the eyes of his colleagues, despite the fact that he may first come off as quiet and easy-going. He is skilled at paying close attention to the requirements of his customers and considering their need for confidentiality seriously.

Due to the way Balandin has structured the company and his team, their team of 11 agents closed 218 transactions, equating to $114M+ in volume for 2021. According to RealTrends in the Wall Street Journal, this team was rated 8th in 2021 as the Top Producing Team. Currently, in 2022, they have 16 agents, and they are predicting that they will close 150–170 million with 300+ transactions. Moreover, 80% of the team are in their first year in the real estate industry. Understanding that this structure is scalable and the goal is to continue to grow, Balandin has very high goals that we will undoubtedly achieve in the next several years.

Roman Balandin Realty is a premier real estate firm that supports both residential and commercial customers on the selling and purchasing sides of real estate transactions. It should come as no surprise that selling a home on your own can be a daunting task. There is advertising that needs to be planned and budgeted for, open houses and private showings that need to be arranged, purchase offers that need to be negotiated, contract contingencies that need to be worried about, and complex paperwork that needs to be filled out. Roman Balandin Realty’s mission is to make your life simpler by placing the sale of your property in the capable hands of their seasoned team of real estate experts. These individuals have significant expertise in the field of real estate marketing and are skilled at showcasing homes in a way that highlights their most desirable features.

In addition, since they act as your buyer’s agent, they make the process of looking for a new home much less difficult and more productive than it would be if you did it all by yourself. They assist you in obtaining financing, direct you to communities in the area, assist you in determining your budget, and assist you in prioritizing a list of vital qualities that you want in the next house you purchase. Using such a service can help you save a significant amount of time by locating the homes that are most suitable for your specifications and limiting the homes they show you to those with the most potential. It is important to Balandin that his customers come out on top, and he does this by providing them with information on postings that have not yet been made public.

Finally, Balandin’s goal as a leader is to see everyone flourish and enjoy their jobs. In the event that an employee or agent approaches him seeking guidance or mentoring, he does it without hesitation. He is a great role model for budding talents in the real estate industry, and his ultimate goal is for Roman Balandin Realty to become a well-known brand, a reliable partner, and the undisputed market share winner in the New Jersey real estate industry. ( Source: Nextenco )

Written in partnership with Tedfuel