5 Companies Making an Impact in Their Industry

  1. Soctuary

Launched in April of this year, Soctuary is new to the apparel industry but is already making a long-term impact with its vibrant line of animal socks. The company currently serves both the United States and Canada with a swath of colorfully designed socks that put the ‘fun’ in functional footwear. For every pair of socks sold, Soctuary donates 10% of sales to participating organizations that serve to save our animal friends, including the African Wildlife Foundation, Pandas International, Wildlife Conservation Society, Sea Turtle Conservancy, and Humane Society International, to name a few. All of Soctuary’s ultra-soft designs are lovingly crafted with premium cotton and include added reinforcement in the heel and toe for support, comfort, and to avoid any rips or tears. The socks are built to last a lifetime, and you can make a difference in the process! All socks are sewn with unique and captivating animal prints, from plushy pandas beneath sakura trees to cats and dogs raising their paws, every sock makes a bold but charming statement. Owned and operated by animal lovers for animal lovers, Soctuary is no ordinary sock, and it’s already making waves in the fashion markets for its eye-catching designs and eco-friendly packaging. Follow the pack as they continue to introduce new animals to the party, and earn your stripes one sock at a time.

  1. Birdie Bean


Birdie Bean is a mother-owned enterprise in the business of bringing bamboo to babies and their caretakers, introducing a dynamic line of whimsy apparel and essentials that bloom with purpose and practicality. Established in September of 2020, Autumn Heathman, founder and lovelorn mother of three, discovered a spark in creativity when she sought reliable teething tools for her own children, eventually embarking on her quest to supply families with top-tier necessities for their loved ones and themselves. All of Birdie Bean’s offerings are custom-made, hand painted, and crafted with passion. Better still, Birdie Bean seeks to supply utility with intention, donating to families in need of clothing as well as select organizations that aid in planting trees and fighting wildfires. This Fall, Birdie Bean is planning to introduce a new collection, the proceeds of which will be donated to benefit child cancer research. Through their inventive roster of children’s apparel, bedding, and accessories, Birdie Bean is building a nest of superior supplies that every family should add to their protocol because happy, healthy children make for a much happier and healthier household. When it’s time for your baby birds to leave the nest, they’ll be sure to thank you for setting them up for success at the get-go.

  1. Project Casting

Navigating the entertainment industry can be notoriously noisy, sifting through online listings and trying to be heard above the clamor. Project Casting, the mobile app pushing for stronger networks for both industry professionals and companies alike, is redefining the way we approach our next opportunity, ensuring the line of communication is seamless and crystal clear. Beautifully designed and easy to use, the mobile app functions almost like a LinkedIn for the entertainment markets, where users are prompted to create their unique online profile and instantly connect with their chosen outlets. For industry professionals, you can easily apply for the jobs you want most with a simple tap and develop your networks beyond face value. For industry leaders, you can source your next talent through integrated matching technology that is tailored to your criteria, allowing you to hire directly from the app and overstep the tedious tactics of yesteryear. Project Casting operates with the user in mind, keeping you up-to-date on the latest talent and the top spots for work. Make the most of your hustle and enter the next phase of professional entertainment.

  1. Allégorie


Food waste is the unspoken reality of our generation, quickly becoming a target area of concern for consumers and creators alike. Allégorie, the women-owned powerhouse in fashion and apparel, is taking a unique approach to cutting food waste and elevating our green footprints. The company crafts apparel and accessories that are entirely composed of a proprietary blend of all-natural, discarded fruit fibers, bio-contents, and water-based PU, creating a highly sustainable alternative to leathers and other compromised materials while also making use of discarded food waste. In French, “allégorie” means ‘allegory’, which is defined as a story that can be interpreted in many different ways, often with a moral message. Fittingly, the ladies behind Allégorie understand that food waste efforts are just one piece to the puzzle in fighting for the greater good of our planet, but oftentimes it is an overlooked piece. Apples, for example, are the most consumed fruit in the United States, but an average of 50 apples are tossed per person every year, generating piles of the unwanted fruit. In addition to upcycled food wastes, Allégorie utilizes various plant-based and recycled materials, including non-edible crops and post-consumer recycled plastics, to minimize the impact on the environment and animals. Make a statement with purpose and dress with pieces that speak for you and for the planet.

  1. Rellery

Based out of Brooklyn, Rellery deals in fine jewelry that speaks to the soul, igniting your personal flame to shine as bright as the detail woven into each piece. Sally Rong, founder, and CEO of Rellery, believes every piece should embody the person it adorns, and rather than offering a chest drawer of familiar ornaments, Rong strives to supply one-of-a-kind designs that are as unique and special as the person wearing them. Rellery champions jewelry pieces with purpose and personality, trading simple approaches for thought-provoking shapes and silhouettes that inspire a deeper dive into the story behind the creation. All of Rellery’s creations are built with the highest quality materials, ranging from sterling silver and vermeil to 14 and 18k gold. Their designs have been recognized by a number of names including Vogue, Marie Claire, and WWD. It’s easy to understand the glimmer surrounding Rellery and its timeless charm, for every piece is made especially for you and enhances the energy that is harnessed when wearing something of true value.

Written in partnership with Ascend