Taking Giant Strides Across the Niche Vacation Rental Segment in the US is Miami Luxury Access/Luxury Access

Led by Andrey Lysenko who is the CEO and founder of Miami Luxury Access/Luxury Access, the one-of-a-kind firm has spiraled its way to the top.

Travel and Tourism as an industry has grown by leaps and bound over the last couple of decades. With the growth of many digital tools and the social media sector, the travel industry has found great momentum attracting millions of tourists year after year. New ideas, strategies, activities, and many more imperatives have been found to enthrall and embrace many global destinations providing sheer entertainment and happiness to people. Within the travel industry, the luxury rental segment as a niche domain has found tremendous momentum among the masses making their lives easier. The next gen customer is seldom found patient, not willing to plan his itinerary on his own, and often outsourcing them to many travel companies. Driven by many passionate and spirited entrepreneurs, these luxury rental startups have been doing exceedingly well firming their place in the wide industry among the cut-throat competition. One such rising firm has been Miami Luxury Access/Luxury Access which is led by a multi-faceted professional, Andrey Lysenko.

Andrey Lysenko is a young entrepreneur from the current golden era of a generation who has taken the niche vacation rental segment to the next level in the US. Born in Russia, Andrey Lysenko moved to Stamford, Connecticut at the age of 14 and later shifted to Miami to pursue his career in the tech world. In 2018, Andrey Lysenko tried to rent a house on Airbnb and VRBO and realized the industry has humongous potential and profits that can be tapped more to reap sweet results. Inspired by the idea, Andrey bought properties in Miami, Arizona, and Connecticut and started his own portal to help guests save money on booking fees while providing them with a luxury experience. Today, Andrey has more than 20 properties, Mercedes Sprinter limos, and luxury yachts under his name and has spiraled his way to the top in the super niche segment of vacation rentals.

In no time, Andrey’s vacation rental company Luxury Access has become one of the largest inventories that is filled with several luxurious amenities, prestige customer services, and amazing deals. Serving an elite list of clientele, they also offer a Gold member club with services like free airport pick up and drop off with its luxury 13 passenger limousine and much more. They are also making their presence in the Yacht rental with a large inventory for small and large groups. Swiftly Luxury Access has become a one-stop solution for all the luxury rental needs and has spread its operations across other verticals like exotic car rental, private limousines, private events and tours, wedding venues, exotic experiences, and even incredible packages.

Setting up a proficient team with a courteous customer service department, Andrey Lysenko and his firm Luxury Access’s work ethos and the highest level of professionalism has been something that is appreciated by one and all. With global aspirations in mind, Andrey wishes to take Luxury Access to scale greater heights of success in the near future. For more details, follow him on Instagram @andreyglysenko.

Written in partnership with Ascend