Pheromones, Do They Really Work?: Heaux Cosmetics

We are in the day and age of social media where beauty products you’ve never heard of before are suddenly becoming everything that people are talking about. Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube make these brands suddenly come in huge demand, especially when it comes to new cosmetic products that make you wonder, “Does it really work?” One brand that has been in the spotlight on TikTok lately is Heaux Cosmetics – the brand making everything from sex-proof makeup to bottled pheromones. Yes, pheromones.

Heaux Cosmetics claims that their pheromone collection is formulated to help attract people, but do they really work?

One of their best-selling products is The Habitue Provocateur. While controversial at first, it seems to have become a trusted product amongst many with extremely satisfied and returning customers.

Their website states that this product is formulated with a combination of steroidal “pheromones” that have been scientifically proven to affect a male down to the biological level because of its ingredients: copulins and androsteNOL. Copulins mimic the pheromones a woman naturally gives off during ovulation which is known to make you appear and feel more attractive – men are naturally drawn to you during this period. AndrosteNOL increases testosterone levels in men by 150% as proven by the Astrid Jutte study. Heaux Cosmetics claims that their products formulated with these chemicals may increase feelings of arousal in men when a woman is present because she appears to be more attractive.

For those who want to attract women, they have PleasHER which contains three “pheromones”: AndrosteNONE, AndrostaDIENONE, and AndrosteNOL. Apparently, these chemicals replicate the natural pheromones people release during arousal, aiding in women’s attraction to you. What’s even more interesting is that Heaux Cosmetics also has a pheromone product for reducing anxiety.

The Liquid Finesse is an unscented product formulated with oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that humans naturally release when something good happens, causing you to feel elated and relaxed. Heaux Cosmetics bottled this feel-good hormone as one of its ingredients to help people connect with others more easily and ease their anxiety. They claim that the formulation reduces anxiety within 30 seconds on both you and those around you, helping increase empathy and therefore affect generosity.

“You will feel a soothing, warming sensation from the inside of your body and you’ll feel blissful. You will notice the people you come in contact with are happier, more generous, and friendly around you.” – Heaux Cosmetics

You may question if these products are safe to use, and the answer is, “Yes.” Their products are approved by the European Union (EU) and it is deemed safe. Heaux Cosmetics proudly states that they are cruelty-free and their seemingly high prices are explained by their ethical business model where employees are paid livable wages and their scientifically-backed products being made in America.

While seemingly suspicious at first, there are thousands of real testimonials on the founder/CEO’s, Lydia Dupra’s, TikTok account. Seeing that there are scientific studies proving the efficacy of each ingredient and consistent honest reviews from their customers, we can conclude that pheromones can indeed work.

Find their collection here.

Written in partnership with Tedfuel