One On One With Celebrity Landscape Photographer Chris Fabregas


With COVID-19 becoming the new norm over the past two years, Seattle-based artist Chris Fabregas has embarked on a mission to uplift and inspire through his fine art photography. 

At the height of the pandemic, Fabregas created an inspirational campaign, taking over a New York City billboard, which featured his signature lion and the statement, Never let fear speak louder than your dreams” which garnered national media attention. 

With the success of the billboard, Fabregas set his sights on inspiring the workforce as he began receiving orders from CEOs of various industries wanting to furnish their office spaces with his meaningful photography. His art’s motivational and uplifting messages were extremely fittingdue to current affairs and a much-needed word of wisdom for those returning to the office, after a long work-from-home mandate.

Its no wonder why former Los Angeles Lakers champion Lamar Odom, LA Dodgers Max Muncy, and Dancing With The Stars James Maslow have something in common, they all share an appreciation and have the award-winning artists work in their homes. 

We caught up with the photographer here.

HL: How long have you been in photography?

CF: I fell in love with photography when I was 8 years old. I entered a school photo contest and won. Im sure it was beginners luck but that got me hooked. In between playing sports and school, I would always have a camera with me. I love the outdoors so it was easy to photograph nature’s beauty. It wasnt until 2018 that I decided to start selling my landscape prints professionally.

HL: What made you want to incorporate positivity in your art?

CF: In 2020 we were faced with COVID.  It was a worldwide pandemic with most people being forced to stay at home. My Mom was diagnosed with heart failure during this pandemic and given two weeks to live. While she was in the hospital, she would write me motivational quotes to remember her by. She spent hours writing pages and pages of positive and inspirational messages. One amazing Doctor was able to perform life-saving surgery and after months of recovery, she was able to come back home. I decided to merge her motivational quotes with my photography to create canvas art and help inspire people during the pandemic. With most people stuck at home looking at their bare walls, these prints were a huge success. I have sold prints all over the world to people looking for a positive message during these crazy times.

HL: What inspires you today?

CF: I have a great appreciation for the outdoors. Sometimes, taking a road trip and exploring a new area is a huge inspiration for my photography. Living in the Pacific Northwest there are so many beautiful places to capture that it’s hard not to take a great picture. There are also so many great photographers on social media that it helps to get a boost of creativity from looking at their pages.

HL: Your prints are in the homes of the rich and famous, how does that make you feel?

CF: Its an honor to have my prints in the homes of celebrities. I work hard and do research to create the perfect fine art photograph that I think people will love. When people notice that and reach out to me its a huge blessing.

HL: Whats next for Chris Fabregas? NFTs perhaps?

CF: Im currently doing more research about NFTs, Crypto, and the Metaverse. The opportunities are endless for creatives right now. I plan to release my best-selling prints as NFTs in the next few months. I think this space is just picking up and there is huge potential.   

HL: Where do you envision your art?

CF: Id love to see my photography in the homes and offices of people around the world. Art releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins, which help you combat stress and pain. I hope that I can continue to create work that will make people feel good and be inspired daily. That would be extremely rewarding.

HL: What are your future goals?

CF: My goal is to create landscape prints long into the future. I am based in the Pacific Northwest and have a huge collection of prints from this region. I hope to do more traveling and capture more of the beauty the United States has to offer. It would be an honor to have my work be a household name.   

HL: Where can we find your work

CF: I sell my fine art prints at You can also find me on social media at @ChrisFabregas.

Written in partnership with The Quincy Dash Co. 

All photo credits: Chris Fabregas