Using Digital Platforms To Grow Your Real Estate Business? Alex Ayub Has The Secrets To Become A Real Estate Social Influencer

For real estate professionals looking to gain an edge in today’s digital marketplace, Alex Ayub has the answer. As a nationally-renowned public speaker, he has used the power of digital platforms to help realtors, brokers, real estate offices, and brands achieve substantial digital credibility. In doing so, he also has introduced real estate professionals to the essential platforms and tools they need to expand their business.

Because he works directly with real estate agents at every success and career level, Ayub leverages his digital marketing knowledge and brand development experience to create programs tailored to each client’s unique specialty. This process enables realtors to see impressive results across various marketing channels.

Wanting to give real estate companies a greater competitive advantage, Ayub created a digital marketing curriculum based on various industry-specific topics. After spending some time presenting topics to agents and brokers on a weekly basis, he began co-hosting and producing the Miami Real Estate Podcast, a program that covers contemporary real estate-related topics with industry leaders.

It has been a natural progression for Ayub, who immediately recognized the benefits of digital marketing for real estate companies.

“As soon as there was a strong rise in opportunity for these digital platforms, I realized real estate professionals now had the chance to play smarter, not harder,” Ayub says.

To initially design his course, Ayub compiled extensive research into an interactive curriculum and presented it in a hybrid format. Realtors and brokers were able to attend simultaneously, both in-person and through Zoom.

“I knew this was the direction the industry was headed,” Ayub says. “You were either going to adapt or get beaten out.”

Because the digital world is a constantly evolving ecosystem, Ayub continues to adapt and refine his guidance to ensure real estate professionals have access to the most current, industry-leading information. As a result, his clients now have the tools to grow their brand and generate organic business through optimized online platforms.

“Agents, brokers, and developers attend my talks to adjust their branding strategies,” Ayub says. “You could be a seasoned veteran when it comes to real estate, but that doesn’t mean you’re a technology expert, too. That’s why I’m here.”

His work has been used by real estate professionals across the country, and recently Ayub partnered with Real Grader, a real estate technology company. He helped them scale their business and impact the real estate industry at a national level. Now, Ayub works with some of the largest real estate brands in the United States, a level of success he attributes to his commitment to helping others.

“If you consistently promote a system that has a positive effect on people, it’s only a matter of a time before it spreads like wildfire,” Ayub says.

Ayub now hosts weekly public speaking events with nationally recognized brands. Ayub and his team help professionals in the real estate industry shift from traditional marketing to a highly effective digital marketing machine.

“I’m excited to be traveling across the US to help brands achieve greatness,” Ayub says. “Getting in front of driven professionals who are trying to succeed and providing them the tools to do so is very fulfilling.”

Alex Ayub plans to continue innovating digital credibility strategies to reach as many professionals as possible. To learn more about how to optimize your digital credibility and expand your real estate career, follow Alex Ayub on Instagram @itsayubz or visit

Written in partnership with Ascend