Meet Brittany Peltz Buerstedde: Fashion Entrepreneur, Creative Director & Founder Of Sena Lifestyle Studio

Brittany PeltzPhoto Credit: Angela Howard Photography

Brittany Peltz Buerstedde is the ultimate multi-hyphenate; she is a fashion entrepreneur, creative director, wellness guru, mother, and founder of the SENA Lifestyle Studio. The boutique lifestyle design firm, Sena, embodies Peltz’s ethos of aligning one’s body, mind and soul with the physical aspect of space to live a fulfilled and purposeful life. Yet before Peltz entered the lifestyle and wellness space, she actually worked as a childrenswear designer. Haute Living sat down with Peltz to discuss her ever-evolving — and deeply inspiring — career, from the launch of Sena Lifestyle Studio and her recent partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue to her personal relationship with wellness and motherhood journey. And as a new Miami local, she reveals some of her favorite spots in the city and lifestyle products she can’t live without.

HAUTE LIVING:Can you tell us a bit about how you got started in the industry?
BRITTANY PELTZ BUERSTEDDE: I have always been in the creative field — physically and artistically — from my figure skating years to designing childrenswear to Sena, my lifestyle brand that incorporates home design, wellness, spirituality and family through my highly curated boutique and design projects.

HL: How did your past experiences in film, fashion, children’s design and more inspire you to create Sena Studio?
BPB: All of my past experiences inspired Sena by highlighting what I am truly most passionate about and allowing me to incorporate them into my latest venture. Wellness, spirituality, and family are three of the most important themes in my life, and I love being able to celebrate them through Sena.

HL: How were you able to make the pivot?
BPB: The pivot came naturally with our move out of the urban landscape of NYC to the lush and natural backdrop of Miami. This unexpected move allowed me to be intentional with all of the values I wanted to incorporate into our new life and home, which ultimately became the pillars of SENA, its design and brand ethos. 

Brittany PeltzPhoto Credit: Angela Howard Photography

HL: What is the brand mission of Sena Studio? 
BPB: With Sena, I wanted to create a highly curated shopping experience that gave everyone access to the tools and products I use in my own home to bring in spirituality, wellness, and, of course, design. All of these products are somehow personal to my own life and family, such as Seedlyfe’s smoothie blends created by my incredible doula Lori Bregman. We carry a variety of Seedlyfe blends that help moms incorporate important nutrients during their pre + postnatal journey – a crucial time in every woman’s life. 

HL: You also relocated to Miami. How did the pandemic influence both your career change and move?
BPB: The pandemic was the pivotal shift in our life that made us re-evaluate our environment and how we were raising our family and led us to choose Miami as our home base- this shift gave us endless beach days, time in the ocean, and fresh air over the grind of city life.  The move to Miami was a gift for our family. And even though everyone’s life was put on pause at the time when lockdowns were in place, we were so grateful to turn our attention to the beautiful lush landscape of our new home and enjoy all the little moments and milestones of our growing children.

On the work front — our incredible women-run factories in NYC closed during the pandemic and highlighted that I did not want production to move overseas. With our relocation came a new home and a fresh canvas to design from  — an opportunity to incorporate the most important values of our family. All of the principles of creating sacred space and peace within the home became the inspiration for everything that SENA is today.

HL: Sena Studio is based in Miami; what is it like owning the studio here in Miami? 
BPB: Owning a Miami-based studio has garnered a lot of local support that I hadn’t previously experienced. People are very proud and excited to support local companies, which has been a welcome surprise in this journey.

HL: What are some of your favorite items featured on the Sena Lifestyle Studio? 
BPB: That is definitely a hard question as they are all very special to me — but some of my absolute favorites are our handmade sage bundles which I use all the time and make for a beautiful gift. I love C + The Moon candles, which are non-toxic and smell delicious – I am always burning one and love that they are safe and non-toxic, especially during my pregnancy. Last but not least, I absolutely love our Sena jewelry collection, which celebrates some of our values through our ‘MAMA’ and’ Soul’ necklaces. Our customizable pieces by Lidia Pefaur are also very popular and make for a special and personal gift.

Brittany PeltzPhoto Credit: Angela Howard Photography

HL: You recently launched your partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue, which will be a series around lifestyle and wellness this year—can you tell us a bit about that partnership?  
BPB: I am very excited to collaborate with Saks this year! You can expect highly curated events and experiences, potential pop-ups and curated shopping guides that highlight some of my favorite brands and products. Kid’s fashion will also be a big component of our collaboration.

HL: As a mother (congratulations on being pregnant with the 4th!), how do you manage to balance everything and remain grounded in your creativity?
BPB: Thank you! I am so grateful to be a Momma to all of my babies, including the one I am carrying right now. It is such an honor and honestly a huge source of my inspiration and creativity, which helps me prioritize my health, wellness, and self-care so I can be the best version of myself, which allows me to be a better mother.

Are there crazy days and sleepless nights and not enough hours for homework, work, dance, nutrition, rest and wellness some days? Of course — but this juggling act has forced me to be resourceful and really live and enjoy every moment!

HL: What are some of your favorite pregnancy products?
BPB: Breggy Butter is an amazing all natural belly butter that I lather on nightly and also share with my kids. They love this new bedtime routine we have together. Also, the Years of Ours Jumpsuit — I have discovered their maternity wear this pregnancy and am living in all of the colors. And Calm, a magnesium supplement which is great for pre and post natal health that helps with those sleepless nights, body aches and helps to keep ‘things moving.’

Brittany PeltzPhoto Credit: Angela Howard Photography

HL: Finally, what are your Miami go-to’s when it comes to restaurants, workouts and spas?
BPB: For restaurants, Sadelle’s is our absolute favorite brunch spot that has come from New York. I also love Mandolin and Osaka. For workouts, I am still looking to explore all of the great class offerings, so for now, I zoom with Rosalia Chann, my trainer of 8 years from NY, or get in some fresh air by walking the beautiful beaches and neighborhoods. And I love the Tierra Santa Healing House spa at The Faena.