Age Is No Obstacle For Ariel Levy

Ariel Levy is one of the most polarizing people in sports today, and you’ve probably never heard of him. That’s because he isn’t an athlete. Levy is a manager of athletes in both the NFL and the NBA, even though he just passed the age of 21. He began working in sports management at the ripe age of sixteen, signing his first NBA client at seventeen. He now represents over twelve players in the NBA and NFL. He’s already had a lot of success at such a young age, so there’s plenty of room to grow for Levy. With such a head start on his peers regarding his age, he’s gaining valuable experience when others are just beginning.

At the age of seventeen, Levy opened his first agency called ASL Sports Group, which focused on representing overseas pros and players in the NBA G League. After two years in the agency business, Levy decided it was time for him to move to the management side. He managed day-to-day services, endorsements, marketing, public relations, social media, and investments for his clients. After his first year, he had a roster of about seven NBA and NFL athletes, all at the ripe age of nineteen years old. He’s not just managing small-time, no-name guys either; he’s worked athletes with upwards of $50 Million in salary.

Levy manages everything for his athletes. He’s always there for them. Although he is very young, he is a very trustworthy manager. He’s the youngest person ever to manage an NBA player and was featured in Men’s Health Magazine’s “20 Under 20” alongside Zion Williamson. Levy is never done expanding. He wants to focus on building up a real estate portfolio with his athletes. He’s already taken steps to do so. In 2021, he and his clients purchased over $3 Million in real estate, with plans to eclipse the $10 Million mark in 2022.

Ariel Levy is a one of one. He’s taking the sports management world by storm, but he’s barely of working age. Most people his age are still in college. He’s making multi-million dollar deals and representing some of the world’s best athletes. Levy is addicted to success and one of the most determined people in the world. You can check him out on Instagram here.

Written in partnership with Ascend