The 5 Businesses Angel Investors Need To Watch For In 2022

1. Jelt Belt

Done are the days where you struggle to keep your jeans high and tight, thanks to Jelt Belt’s innovative design on a classic accessory. Founded in 2014 and crafted on-site in Bozeman, Montana, the ultra-simple belts allow you to buckle up with confidence and creative expression, each item carefully implemented with adventure and style in mind. This women-owned and operated outfit serves a passionate demographic of doers who seek a wilder side of life and need a little extra support in their efforts. Jelt Belts are made of 100% recycled plastic, significantly reducing their carbon footprint while expanding their global output. The fastening buckle is easily recognized for its simple, retro-chic design, and the belts are made for quick assembly and quiet comfort on the next adventure. The elasticity of Jelt Belts harks back to a simpler time when leather and hulky statement buckles weren’t digging us an early grave. Jen Perry, the founder of Jelt Belts, sought a revolution in sustainable fashion when she began to conceptualize the early stages of this standout wardrobe essential, seeking a more durable and stylish alternative to belt-wearing for men and women alike. Since the belts whipped into plain sight in 2014, the brand has caught the attention of British Vogue, Outside Magazine, and 1% For The Planet, as Perry and her team work to consistently donate a portion of gross profits to environmental organizations and social efforts. Belts are here to stay, and Jelt is making sure they support your lifestyle by keeping the ‘fun’ in functional fashion.

2. Coolpo

Video conferences became paramount at the start of COVID-19, but this technology had already been extensively reviewed and researched by Shanghai-based company, Coolpo, as early as 2016. Back then, Skype was virtually the only choice for video communication, and the results were average at best. Ray Zhu, founder and CEO of Coolpo, launched his research and development of the brand starting from his background in consumer software, hardware, and commercial solution production. For four years, Zhu and his co-founder, Frank Xu, explored various algorithms and technologies that focused on computer vision, AI learning, and video conferencing, developing the early structures that would become Coolpo’s flagship material, the AI Huddle PANA, introduced in September of 2020, and the AI Huddle MINI, arriving in May of this year. Since their debut, these devices have earned countless awards and recognitions, notably first place in the 2019 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the CTIS Best Mobile Device Award of 2021. By understanding the growth that video conference technology would have in the coming years, Zhu and Xu set out to design the anatomy of Coolpo to redefine team collaboration through AI-integrated devices. Our world is moving towards a digital domain, and Coolpo is remaining two steps ahead of the game in video communication strategies, ensuring our technology is reliable, innovative, and in sync with humanity.

3. Secret Sauce Group

The success of Secret Sauce is no secret at all. In fact, their Success Stories are marqueed on Instagram, where thousands of hungry consumers hope to cook alongside some of the most coveted treats in the resale market. Since their debut in 2020, the wizards behind the Secret Sauce Group have executed razor-blade shreds to scores of high-end markets without cutting any corners, securing the best, most sought-after pieces in pop culture. As of late, that includes the Yeezy Slides and a SupremexBurberry collection. The team works around the clock to stay ten steps ahead of the game, offering 24/7 insight and support to its members who remain the envy of the streetwear scene. Devoted comrades are rewarded handsomely for their dedication, and the trick of the trade is quite simple: trust your tribe, the feast will follow. To the untrained eye, the Secret Sauce Group is that unit in school with the only driver’s manual available, navigating high roads at a faster rate than their counterparts. Though mostly remote, the Shoedio is located in Los Angeles, but by invite only, of course. Dropping new releases every week, the group keeps its audience alert and dressed with the best, unveiling rare grabs like NFTs and skate decks amongst the usual artillery of top-shelf sneakers and streetwear. Their momentum is bombastic, and it’s only just getting started. Still interested? Join the club––the success is in the sauce.

4. Popl

If you’re serious about your strategies in the professional circuits, you ought to keep Popl in command. With every engagement comes the opportunity for growth and expanding your networks, and in a world where these interactions are increasingly swift, you’ll want to have a sidekick like Popl at the ready for all touch-and-go transactions. When Jason Alvarez-Cohen and Nick Eischens co-founded Popl in 2019, they entered the market just before a pandemic struck and welcomed an age of contactless synergy among strangers. Coincidentally, Popl emerged as the answer to rapid interweaving and building community, and instead of exchanging social media handles or calling out cell numbers, Popl ties the knot with one tap. It’s that first handshake without the grip war, and it collects anything the user requests in seconds. It’s the digital business card we’ve all been waiting for, as Popl streamlines both professional and personal contacts through a single sticker, along with keychains, wristbands, and concrete cards that stand the test of time. With Popl leading the way, you can spend more time making the sale or building your network and less time fumbling with paper. Popl works across all devices, so anybody can pop along with or without the technology. Make way for a better connected year, Popl needs no introduction!

5. Truly, Teal

Anything of substance begins with passion, and what began as a personal quest for honest allure quickly blossomed into a labor of love, as explained by Truly, Teal’s slogan, “Our chemistry, your beauty”. Jimie Sanchez, the protagonist of Truly, Teal’s love-laced skincare story, looks to her difficult trials in developing her own beauty rituals as the genesis of her artistry, actively rejecting the idea of a, “one size fits all” approach to skincare strategies in favor of a universally unique perspective. Her product line is clean, congenial, and executed with style. Though each serum, cleanser, and scrub is free of toxic waste and artificial coloring, the beating heart of this beauty line is teal, Jimie’s husband Carlos’s favorite shade of blue. With ample support from friends and family, the Sanchez team launched their luscious line of skin ware in May of 2021, quickly earning praise through Dallas Voyage Magazine, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, and NBCLX for best new skincare line. The products are offered at competitive rates and do away with harmful ingredients that allow careful courtship with all skin types. Your first fit is your own skin, so we better treat it with teal.

Written in partnership with Ascend