Naor Nativ’s Journey To Becoming A Successful Young Entrepreneur

Being a successful entrepreneur is not easy. Every entrepreneur that you meet may share with you their struggling days and how they had overcome various obstacles before making it to the top. It’s their belief in their business idea, hard work, and passion that made them successful. Naor Nativ is one of those entrepreneurs who had to make his way to the top after days and months of struggle. Now, he is not just a successful entrepreneur but also an inspiration for many youngsters who want to be like him when they grow up.

Why did Naor become an entrepreneur?

According to Naor, there is no better joy than achieving financial freedom in life. It allows you to do whatever you feel like. There is no one to restrict you from spending on the things that you love the most.

Naor was born to middle-class parents in Haifa, Israel on October 9, 1994. As a child, Naor saw his friends leading a luxurious lifestyle. His parents were not able to provide as many toys and gifts as his friends usually received from their parents. Naor would get frustrated but he never expressed anything to anyone. Instead, he was already working his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The self-made young millionaire always dreamed of owning a luxurious villa, expensive cars, watches, and going on world trips. It was the desire to fulfill these dreams that forced Naor to become an entrepreneur. He learned about how to run a franchise and in next to no time, had two franchises in local services and home improvement. His enthusiasm to take on new challenges made him start his own digital agency.

Continuing with his passion

Naor believes that the desire to take your success a little bit further is what keeps you going. He wasn’t content with the life he was leading in Israel; he wanted more. As a result, he started looking for more opportunities that would help him diversify his business.

Since Naor already had experience in dealing with a franchise and managing its operations, he didn’t find it hard to handle the franchises that came his way. However, he wanted a new challenge in life and that’s when he decided to start his own digital marketing company in his hometown. In fact, his digital marketing agency is now one of the rising digital marketing agencies in Israel where his team helps clients with various marketing strategies that can improve their business’s sales volume.

Naor also wants to start a company that builds mobile apps. He is a risk-taker. The young entrepreneur believes that, as a business owner, you always need to take risks in different ventures. If something doesn’t go your way, you learn from that mistake and move on. The quicker you move on, the faster you pave your way to success. The faster you achieve your goals, the quicker you are able to make your dreams your reality.

Written in partnership with Ascend