How Entrepreneur James Blake Is Rapidly Transforming The Digital Marketing Landscape

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, thousands of workers in a variety of industries found themselves out of work and unsure of what the future held for their professions. For others, though, this gave an unexpected opportunity to explore new paths, follow long-held ambitions, and embark on new ventures.

James Blake not only adjusted his business to the new reality, but he also changed his whole perspective, allowing him to think creatively and embrace possibilities that would later enhance his portfolio by creating multiple 6 figure e commerce stores.  One of which generated over £130,000 in its first few weeks of going online.

The entrepreneur was inspired by his experiences during the pandemic and chose to offer himself as a digital consultant to assist businesses in increasing their exposure online.

James Blake’s Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency stands out in the field of investing and expanding due to the entrepreneur’s highly specialised talents in entering diverse marketplaces, regardless of business or service.

He has a flair for converting leads into sales, which he owes to his first ever online start up at 16 and his five years as a digital consultant for one of the UK’s largest Google partners, as well as his experience working for a well-known digital marketing agency.

The Belfast-born entrepreneur has been in a number of online magazines you will have heard of, like Forbes and Yahoo, The Sun and Irish Mirror, for his achievements. At the age of 28, he has totally dominated the market by establishing a reputation for himself in the digital marketing sector and influencing the growth of his agency with his effective marketing techniques. Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency generated over £100 million in revenue for its combined clientele in 5 years.

Blake’s talent for digital marketing didn’t come out of thin air, though; rather, his entrepreneurial instincts that aided in his development and guided him in the direction of digital marketing. James seems to be far from finished with his entrepreneurial ways. He notes that he aims to attract Fortune 500 businesses to become his clientele with growth to the USA and that he is committed to putting Northern Ireland on the map for digital marketing.

Throughout his success journey James has become somewhat of a celebrity individual online attracting millions of visitors to his social media channels which contain a variety of inspirational mindset, business, marketing and lifestyle content.

Meanwhile, Blake competes by serving as a mentor and coach to people seeking to understand how digital marketing fits in with their business and how digital marketing can help enhance not only sales but businesses as a whole. The 28-year-old expresses that having a clear online presence is essential to business, and when the pandemic caused havoc on the world and shattered economies, Blake did not hold back.

Due to many people being compelled to stay at home when the pandemic initially broke out, there was a significant divide between customers and companies. Those who were able to adapt their businesses to e-commerce thrived enormously, while others who lagged behind closed their doors forever.

James Blake is committed to delivering and spreading the power of digital marketing. Whether it be through his global digital marketing agency or through his 1-2-1 coaching, the entrepreneur is continuously sharing and developing new and innovative strategies and techniques that enable his clients to skyrocket to the next level.

When looking back at all that he has achieved thus far, it’s exciting to wonder what heights James Blake will achieve in the next 12 months.

To keep up with the latest from James, as well as get a regular dose of inspiration from this successful entrepreneur, head over to his Instagram page @mrjamesblake


Written in partnership with Facilius Inc.